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Wake in Fright (Ted Kotcheff, 1971) aka Outback (US); wr. Evan Jones, novel Kenneth Cook, dp Brian West, ed. Anthony Buckley; Gary Bond (John Grant), Donald Pleasance (Doc Tydon), Chips Rafferty (Jock Crawford), Sylvia Kay, Jack Thompson, John Meillon, Peter Whittle, Al Thomas, John Armstrong, Slim de Grey, Maggie Dence, Norman Erskine, Buster Fiddess, Tex Foote, Owen Moase, John Dalleen, Colin Hughes, Mark Jackson, Nancy Knudsen, Dawn Lake, Harry Lawrence, Robert McDarra, Carlo Manchini, Liam Reynolds; suspenser; last film of Chips Rafferty and Buster Fiddess; Kotcheff went on to direct the first Rambo film First Blood; filmed Broken Hill

Stockade (Ross McGregor, 1971) prod. Hans Pomeranz for Spectrum Films, wr. Kenneth Cook, dp Jack Bellamy; Graham Corry, Michelle Fawdon (Elizabeth Green), Rod Mullinar (Peter Lalor), Michael Caton; 90 min. began as a musical play detailing, with reasonable historical accuracy, the events at the Eureka Stockade when rebellious miners fought against government regulation of the goldfields in Ballarat in 1854

The Bushranger (Federico Chentrens, 1976) wr. Kenneth Cook; Leonard Teale, John Hamblin, Kate Fitzpatrick; drama


Cook, Kenneth 1961, Wake in Fright, M. Joseph/Text.
Hale, Alan & Kenneth Cook 1963, Vantage to the Gale, Horwitz.
Cook, Kenneth 1962, Chain of Darkness, M. Joseph.
Cook, Kenneth 1963, Stormalong, M. Joseph.
Cook, Kenneth 1963, Wanted Dead, Horwitz.
Cook, Kenneth 1963, Bloodhouse, M. Joseph.
Cook, Kenneth 1963, Take this Hammer, Horwitz.
Cook, Kenneth 1967, Tuna, F. W. Cheshire.
Cook, Kenneth 1976, Eliza Fraser, Sun Books.
Cook, Kenneth 1978, Play Little Victims, Pergamon.
Cook, Kenneth 1980, Pig, Schwartz.
Cook, Kenneth 1983, The Judas Fish, Rigby.
Cook, Kenneth & Kerry Cook 1983, The Film-Makers, Rigby.
Cook, Kenneth 1986, Killer Koala, Margaret Gee.
Cook, Kenneth 1987, Wombat Revenge, Margaret Gee.
Cook, Kenneth 1987, Frill-necked Frenzy, Margaret Gee.

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