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Everett De Roche

12 July 1946 - 2 April 2014. De Roche was born in Lincoln Maine and moved to San Diego with his family when he was six. De Roche emigrated to Australia with his wife when he was 22 in 1968 and originally worked as a journalist for the Queensland Health Education Council.
He wanted to be a writer and wrote a spec script for Division Four. Nine months later he received a telegram inviting him to write for the show. From 1970-74 he was a staff writer at Crawford Productions mainly working on police shows, then he freelanced.
In the late 70s and early 80s he established himself as the leading screenwriter of thrillers in Australia. Wikipedia.

Everett de Roche [sic], who wrote the screenplay for Long Weekend [1979], also wrote Patrick and Harlequin and co-wrote Snapshot, all Ginnane productions ... Stratton 1980: 247.

Patrick (Richard Franklin, 1978) prod. Antony I. Ginnane, Richard Franklin, Patrick Productions, Australian International Film Corporation, wr. Everett De Roche, dp Don McAlpine, music Brian May, design Leslie Binns, ed. Edward McQueen-Mason; Susan Penhaligon, Rod Mullinar, Robert Helpmann, Bruce Barry, Julia Blake, Frank Wilson; horror and sci-fi; Agfa colour, 35mm, 120 min.

Long Weekend (Colin Eggleston, 1979) wr. Everett De Roche, prod. Colin Eggleston for Dugong Films, dp Vincent Monton, music Michael Carlos, design Larry Eastwood, ed. Brian Kavanagh; John Hargreaves, Briony Behets (director's wife); thriller; review by Adrian Martin in Murray 1995: 40 - he applies the concept 'fantastique'; Eastman colour, 35mm, widescreen, 102 min.

Snapshot (Simon Wincer, 1979) aka Day After Halloween; prod. Antony I. Ginnane for Australian International Film Corporation, wr. Chris DeRoche, Everett De Roche, dp Vincent Monton, music Brian May, design Jon Dowding, ed. Philip Reid; Chantal Contouri, Robert Bruning, Sigrid Thornton, Denise Drysdale, Vincent Gil, Jon Sidney, Jacqui Gordon, Julia Blake, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Lulu Pinkus; see Greg Kerr in Murray 1995: 47; released on DVD 2004; thriller; colour, 35mm, Panavision, 90 min.

Harlequin (Simon Wincer, 1980) aka Dark Forces; prod. Antony I. Ginnane for F. G. Film Productions, wr. Everett De Roche, dp Gary Hansen, music Brian May, design Bernard Hides, ed. Adrian Carr; David Hemmings, Robert Powell, Broderick Crawford, Carmen Duncan, Gus Mercurio, Alan Cassell, Neville Teede, Nita Pannell, Maurie Ogden, Jeremy Sims, Julia Moody, Leslie Wright, Ramsey McLean; shot in Perth, WA; Powell is faith-healer who is to cure politican's son of leukemia; Eastman colour, 35mm, 94 min.

Roadgames (Richard Franklin, 1981) prod. Richard Franklin for Quest Films, wr. Everett De Roche, from short story by Richard Franklin, Everett DeRoche, dp Vincent Monton, music Brian May, designer John Dowding, ed. Edward McQueen-Mason; Stacey Keach, Jamie Lee Curtis, Marion Edward, Grant Page, Thaddeus Smith, Alan Hopgood, Bill Stacey, Stephen Millichamp; Hitchcock-like thriller; Eastman colour, 35mm, 110 min.

Race for the Yankee Zephyr (David Hemmings, 1981) aka Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr; prod. John Barnett, Antony I. Ginnane, David Hemmings for F. G. H. Film Consortium, Zephyr Films, First Gty Films, wr. Everett De Roche, dp David Monton, music Brian May, ed. John Laing, design Bernard Hides; Bruno Lawrence, George Peppard, Donald Pleasence, Ken Wahl, Lesley Ann Warren, Donald Pleasence; action thriller, search for money from crash; Eastman colour, 35mm, 100 min.

Razorback (Russell Mulcahy, 1984) prod. Jim & Hal McElroy, wr. Everett De Roche, novel Peter Brennan, dp Dean Semler, music Iva Davies; Gregory Harrison, Arkie Whiteley, Bill Kerr, Chris Haywood, David Argue, Judy Morris; horror parody

Fortress (Arch Nicholson, 1985) wr. Everett De Roche, novel Gabrielle Lord; Rachel Ward, Dennis Miller; shot in Victoria; hostage drama

Frog Dreaming (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1986) aka The Quest, Spirit Chaser; wr. Everett De Roche; Henry Thomas (from ET)

Windrider (Vincent Monton, 1986) aka Making Waves; prod. Paul D. Barron, Barron Films, Bush Christmas Productions, wr. Everett De Roche; Simon Chilvers, Tom Burlinson, Nicole Kidman, Jill Perryman, Charles Tingwell; Perth, WA; budget $2.5mill; dist. Hoyts; 25 December 1986; 35mm.; 92 min.

Storm Warning (Jamie Blanks, 2007) wr. Everett De Roche; Nadia Far├Ęs, Robert Taylor, David Lyons, Mathew Wilkinson, John Brumpton; horror

Visitors (Richard Franklin, 2003) wr. Everett De Roche; Radha Mitchell, Susannah York, Ray Barrett

Long Weekend (Jamie Blanks, 2008) wr. Everett De Roche; James Caviezel, Claudia Karvan; was not released theatrically

Nine Miles Down (Anthony Waller, 2009) wr. Everett De Roche

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