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Phillip Avalon

Born 1947, Newcastle, NSW; real name Phillip Holbrow; served in the Army Air Wing; contestant on the original series of Blind Date

Inn of the Damned (Terry Bourke, 1975) prod. Terry Bourke, Rod Hay for Terryrod Productions, wr. Terry Bourke, dp Brian Probyn; Dame Judith Anderson, Tony Bonner, Alex Cord, Michael Craig, Joseph Furst, Reg Gorman, Lionel Long, John Meillon, John Morris, Robert Quilter, Phillip Avalon; Sydney, colour, 35 mm, 118 min.; horror; see Michael Helms, Cinema Papers, 129, January 1999: 27; Pike & Cooper: 446

Double Dealer, The (Alan Dickes, 1975) telemovie, wr. prod. Phillip Avalon; cast: Phillip Avalon

Summer City (Christopher Fraser, 1977) prod. wr. Phillip Avalon, Avalon Films/Summer City Productions, dp Jerry Marek, ed. David Stiven, design Jann Harris, music Phil Birkis, ed. David Stiven; John Jarratt (Sandy), Phillip Avalon (Robbie), Steve Bisley (Boo), Mel Gibson (Scollop), Debbie Forman (Caroline), James Elliot, Abigail, Ward Austin; "conceived as a 'road movie' with both action and comedy for the teenage market, Summer City was set in the rock-and-roll era of the early 1960s, complete with clips from Brian Henderson's television show, Bandstand, songs by Australian rock-and-roll stars on the sound-track, and an appearance by the disc jockey Ward Austin. Four young men set off up the coast in their old Chevy for a weekend of surfing and fun." (Pike & Cooper), Sydney, colour, 35mm., 85 min.

Little Boy Lost (Terry Bourke, 1978) prod. Phillip Avalon. "... Tracker Bindi (Steve Dodd), an Aboriginal ... is ... yet another tired reinforcement of a false stereotype." Suzanne Brown 1993, note in Scott Murray ed., Australian Film 1978-1992: A Survey of Theatrical Features, Oxford University Press, Melbourne: 18.

Double Deal (Brian Kavanagh, 1988) prod. Phillip Avalon; whodunnit

Breaking Loose (Rod Hay, 1988) wr. Rod Hay, prod. Phillip Avalon; Peter Phelps, Vince Martin, Abigail, David Ngoombutjarra, John Clayton, Tom Richards, Angela Kennedy, Gary Waddell, Sandra Lee Patterson, Sharon Tamlyn, Kris Greaves, Kate Grusovin, Dee Krainz. "Peter Phelps ... as a teenager who heads along the coast to visit a mate only to run into all sorts of confrontations, including the inevitable aggressive motor bike gang. ... [H]ybrid film ... that combines elements of the road movie genre with the more colloquial Australian surf movie." See also: Jim Schembri in Murray 1995: 245.

Sher Mountains Killings Mystery (Vince Martin, 1990) prod. Phil Avalon; Phil Avalon, Abigail, ... Joe Bugner

Exchange Lifeguards (Maurice Murphy, 1992) wr. prod. Phillip Avalon; Christopher Atkins, Julian McMahon, Elliott Gould, Rebecca Cross, Amanda Newman-Phillips, Vanessa Steele, Christopher Pate, Lois Larimore, Richard Carter, Mark Hembrow, Brian M Logan

Fatal Bond (Vincent Monton, 1992) wr. prod. Phillip Avalon; Linda Blair, Jerome Ehlers, Stephen Leeder, Donal Gibson, Joe Bugner

Signal One (Rob Stewart, 1993) prod. Phillip Avalon

Tunnel Vision (Clive Fleury, 1994) wr. Clive Fleury, prod. Phillip Avalon

Pact, The (Strath Hamilton, 2003) prod. Phil Avalon

Finder, The (Frank Shields, 2001) (TV) wr. prod. Phil Avalon

Liquid Bridge (Phillip Avalon, 2003)

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Phillip Avalon as Director

Liquid Bridge (2003)

Phillip Avalon as Producer

Liquid Bridge (2003) (producer)
The Pact (2002) (producer)
The Finder (2001) (TV) (producer)
Tunnel Vision (1995) (producer)
Signal One (1994) (producer) ... aka Bullet Down Under
Fatal Bond (1992) (producer)
Wet and Wild Summer! (1992) (producer) ... aka Exchange Lifeguards
Sher Mountain Killings Mystery (1990) (producer) ... aka The Cursed Mountain Mystery
Breaking Loose (1988) (producer)
Little Boy Lost (1978) (producer)
Summer City (1977) (producer) ... aka Coast of Terror

Phillip Avalon as Actor

Sher Mountain Killings Mystery (1990) .... Caine Cordeaux ... aka The Cursed Mountain Mystery
"Number 96" .... Jim Horan (1 episode, 1980)
- Maureen's Visitor (1980) TV Episode .... Jim Horan
"Case for the Defence" .... Harry Millard (1 episode, 1978)
- Case for the Defence (1978) TV Episode .... Harry Millard
Summer City (1977) .... Robbie ... aka Coast of Terror
Inn of the Damned (1975) .... Alfred ... aka Death Hunter (Europe: English title: video title)
"Delta" .... Scientist (1 episode, 1970) - Overkill (1970) TV Episode .... Scientist
"The Rovers" .... Tim (1 episode, 1970) - Slipway (1970) TV Episode .... Tim
Squeeze a Flower (1970) .... Monk

Phillip Avalon as Writer

The Finder (2001) (TV)
Behind the Scenes (1992/II) (V)
Fatal Bond (1992)
Wet and Wild Summer! (1992) ... aka Exchange Lifeguards (Australia)
Sher Mountain Killings Mystery (1990) (story) ... aka The Cursed Mountain Mystery
Summer City (1977) ... aka Coast of Terror

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