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Ned Lander director/producer

David Stratton (1990) points out that the producer/director is 'not to be confused with the actor of the same name who appears in Puberty Blues and Starstruck'.

Dirt Cheap (David Hay, 1980) prod. Ned Lander et al.; doco about mining and Aboriginal Australians; 92 min.

Wrong Side of the Road (Ned Lander, 1981) prod. Ned Lander for Inma Productions, wr. Graeme Isaac, Ned Lander, dp Louis Irving, music No Fixed Address, Us Mob, design Jan Mackay, ed. John Scott; Veronica Brodie, Donna Drover, Chris Haywood, Gayle Rankine, Leila Rankine; two bands: Us Mob and No Fixed Address are the 'stars' of the docu-drama; Eastman colour, 35mm, 80 min.

Molly (Ned Lander, 1983) prod. Hilary Linstead for Troplisa, wr. Ned Lander, Phillip Roope, Mark Thomas, dp Vincent Monton, music Graeme Isaac, Mick Conway, Jim Conway, design Robert Dein, ed. Stewart Young; Claudia Karvan, Ruth Cracknell, Slim de Grey, Melissa Jaffer, Reg Lye, Garry McDonald, Flying Fruit Fly Circus; Molly is a singing dog; Eastman colour, 35mm, 90 min.

Passionately Single (Rivka Hartman, 1987) prod. Ned Lander; Kim Gyngell, Lyn Pierse; short ? [maquette for Bachelor Girl, having the same leads?]

Into the Mainstream (Ned Lander, 1989) doco about Indigenous music; 90 min.

Radiance (Rachel Perkins, 1998) wr. Louis Nowra, play and screenplay, prod. Ned Lander, Andrew Myer; dp Warwick Thornton; Deborah Mailman (Nona), Rachael Maza (Cressy), Trisha Morton-Thomas (Mae); story of reunion between three Aboriginal sisters

Plus TV work

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