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Wrong Side of the Road

Wrong Side of the Road (Ned Lander, 1981) prod. Ned Lander for Inma Productions, wr. Graeme Isaac, Ned Lander, dp Louis Irving, music No Fixed Address, Us Mob, design Jan Mackay, ed. John Scott; Chris Haywood, Bart Willoughby, Chris Jones, John Miller, Veronica Rankine, Ronnie Ansell, Peter Butler, Wally McArthur, Carroll Karpany, Veronica Brodie, Donna Brouer, Gayle Rankine, Leila Rankine; two bands: Us Mob and No Fixed Address are the 'stars' of the docu-drama; Eastman colour, 35mm, 80 min.

The music is good, and the film (shot on 16mm and made on the tightest of budgets) is filled with barely restrained anger but, at the same time, with an energy and optimism that is infectious. The screenplay was written in collaboration with the cast, who essentially play themselves, and the film unit was based in Adelaide, with shooting taking place all over South Australia. David Stratton: 207-208.

The film was remastered and re-released cinematically on 14 June 2013 at the 60th Sydney Film Festival. Said to be the first Australian feature with an all-Indigenous cast. Two nominations in the 1981 AFIs, plus the Jury Prize. Ronin Films sells a copy on DVD, but as @ date, this would prolly not yet be the restored version.

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