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Carl Schultz

Carl Schultz was born 1939 and immigrated from GB to Australia in 1958.

Blue Fin (Carl Schultz, 1978) wr. Sonia Borg, novel by Colin Thiele; prod. Hal McElroy; Hardy Kruger, Greg Rowe; children, family; 88 min.

Dismissal, The (Dr George Miller, Phillip Noyce, Carl Schultz, George Ogilvie, John Power, 1983) prod. Kennedy Miller; TV docudrama; Max Phipps (Gough Whitlam), John Stanton (Malcolm Fraser), John Meillon (John Kerr), John Hargreaves (Jim Cairns)

Goodbye Paradise (Carl Schultz, 1983) prod. Jane Scott for Petersham Pictures, wr. Bob Ellis, Denny Lawrence, dp Danny Batterham, music Peter Best, design George Liddle, ed. Richard Francis-Bruce; Ray Barrett (Mike Stacey), John Clayton, Kate Fitzpatrick, Lex Marinos, Robyn Nevin (Kate), Janet Scrivener, Charles Tingwell, Kris McQuade; Eastman colour, 35mm, 110 min.

Careful He Might Hear You (Carl Schultz, 1983) aka Sumner Locke Elliott's Careful He Might Hear You; prod. Jill Robb for Syme International Productions, New South Wales Film Corporation, wr. Michael Jenkins from novel by Sumner Locke Elliott, dp John Seale, music Ray Cook, design John Carroll, John Stoddart, John Wingrove, ed. Richard Francis Bruce; Wendy Hughes, Robyn Nevin, Nicholas Gledhill (PS), John Hargreaves (Logan) (AFI Best Supporting Actor), Geraldine Turner, Isabelle Anderson, Peter Whitford; Kodak colour; 35mm widescreen, 111 min.

Bodyline (Carl Schultz, George Ogilvie, Lex Marinos & Denny Lawrence, 1984) mini-series; Hugo Weaving (Douglas Jardine), Gary Sweet, Jim Holt

Travelling North (Carl Schultz, 1987) wr. David Williamson; Leo McKern, Henri Szeps, Graham Kennedy, Julia Blake; aka David Williamson's Travelling North

Bullseye (Carl Schultz, 1989) dp Dean Semler; Paul Goddard, Kathryn Walker, John Wood, Paul Chubb, Bruce Spence, Lynette Curran, John Meillon, Kerry Walker; cattle thieves in Qld head for SA; light entertainment based on actual event of 1860s; working title: Birdsville

Love in Ambush (Carl Schultz, 1997) aka Angkor, Mirabeau; wr. Carl Schultz; Jacques Perrin, Gary Sweet, Sigrid Thornton, Grant Piro, James Tolkan; political romance; Shelly Kincaid leaves her unhappy marriage for Cambodia, where her brother is accused of deserting the army in Vietnam

Much other work for TV and overseas, including many adventures of the young Indiana Jones.

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