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Rob Sitch

Rob Sitch has to date directed three Australian feature films (as well as five TV series).

Castle, The (Rob Sitch, 1997) wr. Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy, Rob Sitch; prod. Debra Choate, Michael Hirsh; Michael Caton (Darryl Kerrigan), Anne Tenney (Sal Kerrigan), Stephen Curry (Dale Kerrigan), Anthony Simcoe (Steve Kerrigan), Sophie Lee (Tracy Kerrigan), Wayne Hope (Wayne Kerrigan), Tiriel Mora (Dennis Denuto), Eric Bana (Con Petropoulous), Charles Tingwell (Lawrence Hammill), Robyn Nevin (Federal Court Judge), Costas Kilias (Farouk), Bryan Dawe (Ron Graham), Monty Maizels (Jack), Lynda Gibson (Evonne), John Bento (Mr. Lyle), Laurie Dobson (John Clifton), Stephanie Daniel (Council Officer), John Flaus (Sgt Kennedy); narrated from the point of view of one of the sons, Dale; 93 min.

Dish, The (Rob Sitch, 2000) comedy; Sam Neill (Cliff Buxton), Kevin Harrington, Tom Long, Patrick Warburton [as seen on Seinfeld], Genevieve Mooy, Tayler Kane, Roy Billing, Bille Brown, Andrew S. Gilbert, Lenka Kripac, Matthew Moore, Eliza Szonert, John McMartin, Carl Snell; Toronto 2000; Working Dog Productions; Evan Williams review Weekend Australian Review 21-22 October 2000: 21 - 'Dish lacks real bite'

Any Questions for Ben? (Rob Sitch, 2012) wr. Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch; Josh Lawson, Rachael Taylor, Daniel Henshall; comedy; released 9 February 2012

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