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Annie's Coming Out

Annie's Coming Out (Gil Brealey, 1984) aka A Test of Love; prod. Don Murray for Film Australia, wr. Chris Borthwick, John Patterson; Eastman colour, 35 mm, 96 min.; based on true story of and book by Rosemary Crossley & Anne McDonald, dp Mick von Bornemann, music Simon Walker, design Robbie Perkins, ed. Lindsey Fraser; Simon Chilvers, Wallas Eaton, Drew Forsythe, Ray Meagher, Monica Maughan, Angela Punch McGregor, Liddy Clark, Tina Arhondis (as Annie O'Farrell); physically disabled child wrongly diagnosed as mentally retarded, social worker (McGregor) rescues her; biopic

Brealey's treatment is commendably sober and unsentimental, but, inevitably, the Jessica /Rosemary character is glamorised for the film. Still, you could hardly miss with this material, and Punch McGregor underplays so well that she won the 1984 AFI Best actress award ... David Stratton: 58.

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