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Blood Money

Blood Money (Christopher Fitchett, 1980) prod. Tom Broadbridge & Chris Oliver for Filmworks; wr. Christopher Fitchett, John Ruane, Ellery Ryan; dp Ellery Ryan; ed. Chris Oliver; John Flaus, Bryan Brown, Peter Curtain, Chrissie James, Sue Jones, John Proper, Peter Stratford; Eastman colour, 16 mm, 64/72 min.; b/w; VHS

I saw this many years ago. All I can now remember is the ending, the kind of 'art', 'open' ending I particularly like.

David Stratton:
John Flaus and Bryan Brown play brothers, the former a hardened crim dying of cancer, the latter retired and trying to go straight. The opening jewel robbery sequence is tautly directed ... the film ... creates a touching portrait of a dying man trying to relive past happiness with his brother's wife ... David Stratton: 252-3.

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