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Bush Christmas

Bush Christmas (Henri Safran, 1983) aka Prince and the Great Race, prod. Paul D. Barron; remake of 1947 film; John Ewart, John Howard, Nicole Kidman; 91 min.; Kidman's film debut


Manalpuy, Kidman

In the Australian outback a family struggles to keep its farm from foreclosure. Their only hope is that their horse, Prince, will win money in a New Year's race. But when Prince is stolen the children embark on a dangerous and exciting adventure to get him back.

Credit must go to director Henri Safran and director of photography Malcolm Richards. Their expertise is particularly evident in the climactic cross-country race which is captured largely in longshot during the first half, reserving the close-ups of jockey Manalpuy and Prince to generate excitement and tension during the closing part. Geoff Mayer, in Murray: 122.

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