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Malcolm (Nadia Tass, 1986) prod. Nadia Tass, David Parker for Cascade Films, wr. David Parker, dp David Parker, music Paul Coppens, ed. Ken Sallows; Colin Friels (Malcolm), John Hargreaves (AFI Best Supporting Actor), Lindy Davies, Chris Haywood, Charles Tingwell, Heather Mitchell, Beverley Phillips; Eastman colour, 35mm, 85 min.

David Parker had a lot of fun making the gadgets for this one, a portrait of a 'special person' engagingly created by the dependable Colin Friels - and the late great John Hargreaves is in it.

Hoyts did an excellent job of marketing the film which was considerably boosted by its success in the 1986 AFI awards—it won eight prizes, including Best Film., Director, Original Screenplay and Actor, and Tass and Parker won the Byron Kennedy Award. Audiences loved the film, and no wonder. Colin Friels is quite wonderful as Malcolm, one of the most endearing characters in any Australian film. He is perfectly complemented by John Hargreaves as the tough crim who comes to stay in Malcolm's house and, aginast the odds, beforiends the painfully shy inventor. ... Above all, though, Malcolm succeeds because of the fine performances and the warmth of characters—it was a film with entertainment value that surpassed many a more elaborate, expensive production. Stratton: 326-327.

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