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That Certain Something


That Certain Something (Clarence G. Badger, 1941) Megan Edwards, Thelma Grigg, Georgie Sterling, Lou Vernon; film director looks for a girl with 'it' (Badger also made the film called It (1927) with Clara Bow)

Having watched That Certain Something (Clarence G. Badger, 1941) it occurred to me that there was a type of film - which I’ll call ‘metafilm’ - for which I hadn’t created a list . By that, I mostly mean simply films that are to some extent about making a film — as well as films that experiment/play with the medium as such.

Pike & Cooper:
Clarence Badger came out of retirement in Sydney to direct this undistinguished film for a new company, Argosy, formed by principals formerly involved in National Productions. Badger's basic idea of 'That Certain Something - a Perfect Blending of Heart, Mind and Loveliness, as Mystical and Refreshing as a day in Spring', was clearly an attempt to recapture the success of his Hollywood hit with Clara Bow, It (1927). His story also offered a bitter view of the Australian film world, with the director, Grimble, harassed by a committee of uninformed and nervous investors, and struggling with incompetent actors and poseurs seeking to boost their ego and social status. Pike & Cooper: 194.

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