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Rosa Colosimo

Still Point, The (Barbara Boyd-Anderson, 1985) prod. Rosa Colosimo for Colosimo Film Productions, wr. Barbara Boyd Anderson, Rosa Colosimo, dp Kevin Anderson, music Pierre Pierre, design Patrick Reardon, ed. Zbigniew Friedrich; Nadine Garner, Lyn Semmler, Robin Cuming, Steve Bastoni, Alex Menglet; teen movie (for girls); Adrian Martin calls it "teen literature", Murray 1995: 176; Eastman colour, 16 mm, 81 min.

Hungry Heart (Luigi Acquisto, 1987) aka Lay Off wr. Luigi Acquisto, prod. Rosa Colosimo; Nick Carrafa, Kimberly Davenport, Lisa Schouw, Dagmar Blahova, Norman Kaye, John Flaus, Sheila Florance

Blowing Hot and Cold (Marc Gracie, 1988) prod. Rosa Colosimo; Peter Adams, Joe Doce, Kate Gorman; comedy, thriller

Jigsaw (Marc Gracie, 1989) wr. Marc Gracie, Christopher Thompson, prod. Rosa Colosimo; Rebecca Gibney, Dominic Sweeney, David Bradshaw, Michael Coard, Nick Lathouris, Terence Donovan, Gary Day, John Flaus

Closer and Closer Apart (Steve Middleton, 1989) prod. Rosa Colosimo; Steve Bastoni, George Harlem; set in Melbourne Italian community, inspired by Cavalleria Rusticana

Sting in the Tale, A (Eugene Schlusser, 1989) aka Scorpio; prod. Rosa Colosimo, Reg McLean; Diane Craig; female MP to become first female PM; political comedy set Adelaide

Kink in the Picasso, A (Marc Gracie, 1989) wr. Hugh Stuckey, prod. Rosa Colosimo; Mike Bishop, Jane Clifton, Andrew Daddo; comedy

On My Own (Antonio Tibaldi, 1991) prod. Rosa Colosimo; Matthew Ferguson, Judy Davis

Red Rain (Jim Kaufman, 1993) prod. Rosa Colosimo; Russell Crowe, Jennifer Beals; psycho-sexual thriller; not completed or not released?

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