Ken G. Hall

Exploits Of The Emden, The (Ken G. Hall, 1928) First National Pictures, prod. wr. ed. Ken G. Hall, dp Claude C. Carter, asspro Victor Bindley; dramatised history: reconstruction of the battle Sydney vs Emden which the latter lost, 9 November 1914

On Our Selection (Ken G. Hall, 1932)* aka Down on the Farm; Cinesound Productions, prod. Bert Bailey, wr. Bert Bailey, Ken G. Hall from works of Steele Rudd, dp Walter Sully, sound Arthur Smith, Clive Cross, technical support Bert Cross; Bert Bailey, Fred MacDonald, Alfreda Bevan

The Squatter's Daughter (Ken G. Hall, 1933)* prod. Ken G. Hall, Cinesound Productions, wrs Gayne Dexter, E. V. Timms, play by 'Albert Edmunds' (Bert Bailey & Edmund Duggan), photography Frank Hurley, George Malcolm; Owen Ainley, W. Lane Bayliff, Dorothy Dunkley, Jocelyn Howarth, George Lloyd, Grant Lyndsay, Fred Macdonald, Claude Turton, Katie Towers, Les Warton, John Warwick; 35 mm, 104 min. Romeo and Juliet story

The Silence of Dean Maitland (Ken G. Hall, 1934)* Cinesound Productions, prod. Ken G. Hall, wr. Gayne Dexter, Edmund Barclay from play by Maxwell Gray, dp Frank Hurley; John Longden (Dean Maitland), Charlotte Francis (Alma Lee), Jocelyn Howarth, Bill Kerr (Cyril Maitland Jnr); clergyman murders the father of his pregnant lover and then allows his best friend to be convicted for the crime; 97 min.

Strike Me Lucky (Ken G. Hall, 1934)* dp Frank Hurley, George Heath; vehicle for Roy Rene (Harry Van der Sluice aka Henry van der Sluys) as Mo McMackie; Roy Rene's father was a Dutch Jew and and his mother Anglo-Jewish

Grandad Rudd (Ken G. Hall, 1935) aka Ruling the Roost

Orphan of the Wilderness (Ken G. Hall, 1936)* aka Wild Innocence; prod. Ken G. Hall, Cinesound Productions, wr. Edmond Seward from story by Dorothy Cottrell, 'Wilderness Orphan', dp George Heath, sound Clive Cross; Brian Abbot, Gwen Munro, Ethel Saker, Harry Abdy; family story about a boxing kangaroo; 85 min.

Thoroughbred (Ken G. Hall, 1936)* prod. Ken G. Hall, Cinesound Productions, wr. Edmond Seward, dp George Heath, sound Clive Cross; Helen Twelvetrees, Frank Leighton, John Longden, Nellie Barnes; 89 min.

It Isn't Done (Ken G. Hall, 1937)* Cecil Callaway, Shirley Ann Richards

Lovers and Luggers (Ken G. Hall, 1937)* aka Vengeance of the Deep (US title)

Tall Timbers (Ken G. Hall, 1937)* prod. Ken G. Hall, Cinesound Productions, wr. Frank Harvey from Frank Hurley story, dp George Heath; 89 mins., 35 mm.; Frank Leighton, Shirley Ann Richards, Aileen Britton, Campbell Copelin, Letty Craydon, Peter Dunstan, Frank Harvey, George Lloyd, Joe Valli, Ronald Whelan

Broken Melody, The (Ken G. Hall, 1938)* prod. Ken G. Hall, Cinesound Features; wr. Frank Harvey from the novel by F J Thwaites; dp George Heath, ed. William Shepherd, 89 mins; Lloyd Hughes (John Ainsworth), Diana Du Cane (Ann Brady)

Dad and Dave Come To Town (Ken G. Hall, 1938)* aka The Rudd Family Goes to Town; Peter Finch

Let George Do It (Ken G. Hall, 1938)* aka In the Nick of Time; George Wallace; speedboat chase on Sydney Harbour; 52 min. OR 79 min.

Come Up Smiling (William Freshman, 1939) aka Ants In His Pants; prod. Ken G. Hall; Will Mahoney (Barney O'Hara), Shirley Ann Richards (Eve Cameron); 77 mins.

Gone to the Dogs (Ken G. Hall, 1939)* George Wallace; comedy; greyhound

Mr Chedworth Steps Out (Ken G. Hall, 1939)* Cecil Callaway

Dad Rudd, M.P. (Ken G. Hall, 1940)*

Smithy (Ken G. Hall, 1946)* aka Pacific Adventure (in USA) The Southern Cross (UK); Columbia Pictures (US), although made by the Cinesound team; Ron Randell, Muriel Steinbeck, Charles Tingwell has one line in the opening scene, Billy Hughes appears as himself; Hall's last film; Charles Kingsford Smith docu-drama

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