Efftee's Entertainers


Short films and excerpts produced by Frank Thring [Efftee] Snr

Will Cade and his Regent Theatre Orchestra

Jack O'Hagan (1898-1987) in 1931, sings 'Carry On', 'By the Big Blue Billabong', 'In Dreamy Araby'

George Wallace, test

Kathleen Goodall, 'Songs at the piano'

The Sundowners: Bob Allen, Tom Semple, Herb Sanderson and Bob Gillard

Ada Reeve

George Wallace, 'Oh what a night!' 1932

The Sundowners, with Cecil Wallace accompanying, 'Apple blossom time'

Piece from Carmen, orchestra conducted by Almirovandi

George Wallace, promo for Harmony Row, 1933

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