Kenny (Clayton Jacobson, 2006) wr. Clayton Jacobson, Shane Jacobson; Shane Jacobson, Eve von Bibra, Ronald Jacobson, Chris Davis, Ian Dryden, Jesse Jacobson; Kenny delivers porta-loos; Australian release 17 August 2006

I thought this faux doco pretty ordinary; but it was the most popular Australian film in its year, among Aussies. Clayton Jacobson has directed shorts and for TV, but this is his only feature to date.

For a while it's a fish-out-of-water comedy, even though the biggest laughs come from his scathing matter-of-factness as he goes about business in Melbourne. The family ties in Oz also pull harder on the heartstrings than his romance with a stewardess. Thankfully, the detached documentary style keeps things from getting too mushy. More importantly, Kenny is so funny that bowel-loosening could be a very real danger. Stella Papamichael, BBCi.

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