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Phillip Adams

Phillip Adams (1939-) is a very significant figure in the Renaissance of the Australian cinema from 1969 onwards. He co-directed one film, produced many others, and, more importantly, was a powerful and influential entrepreneur and administrator, mover and shaker.
In 1982-1983 he was associated with Kerry Packer in Adams Packer Film Productions aka Adams Packer Films.

As Director

Jack and Jill: A Postscript (Phillip Adams, Brian Robinson, 1969) Melbourne, colour, 16 mm, 67 minutes, wr. prod. dp. Phillip Adams and Brian Robinson, music, Peter Best; Lindsay Howatt, Judy Leech, Anthony Ward; AFI Best Film 1969; kindergarten teacher falls for motorbike rider

As Producer

Naked Bunyip, The (John B. Murray, 1970) prod. Phillip Adams; Graeme Blundell, Barry Humphries, Jacki Weaver

Adventures of Barry McKenzie, The (Bruce Beresford, 1972) Melbourne, colour, 35 mm 114 min., prod. Phillip Adams for Longford Productions, wr. Bruce Beresford & Barry Humphries, from comic strip written by Humphries, dp Don McAlpine, design John Stoddart, music Peter Best, ed. William Anderson & John Scott; Alexander Archdale, Dick Bentley, Paul Bertram, John Clarke, Peter Cook, Julie Covington, Barry Crocker, Judith Furse, Wilfred Grove, Jonathan Hardy, Barry Humphries, John Joyce, Avice Landon, Margo Lloyd, Chris Malcolm, Spike Milligan, Maria O'Brien, Dennis Price William Rushton, Mary Ann Severne, Bernard Spear, Brian Tapply, Jenny Tomasin, Jack Watling

Don's Party (Bruce Beresford, 1976) prod. Phillip Adams for Double Head Productions, wr. David Williamson from his play, dp Don McAlpine, ed. William Anderson; Ray Barrett, Claire Binney, Pat Bishop, Jeanie Drynan, John Hargreaves, Harold Hopkins, Graham Kennedy, Graeme Blundell, Veronica Lang, Candy Raymond, Kit Taylor, John Gorton; election night 1969; Canberra, colour, 87 min.

Getting of Wisdom, The (Bruce Beresford, 1977) prod. Phillip Adams for Southern Cross Films, wr. Eleanor Witcombe (AFI award), novel by Henry Handel Richardon, dp Don McAlpine, design Richard Kent, ed. William Anderson; Susannah Fowle, Terence Donovan, Sheila Helpmann, Barry Humphries, Patricia Kennedy Candy Raymond, Hilary Ryan, John Waters, Sigrid Thornton; Melbourne, colour, 35mm, 100 min.

Grendel, Grendel, Grendel (Alexander Stitt, 1981) novel: Grendel, by John Gardner, Victorian Film Corporation, Hoyts Theatres, Ltd., TVW Enterprises, producers, Phillip Adams, Alexander Stitt; animators, Anne Joliffe, Gus McLaren, Ralph Peverill, David Atkinson; animation director, Frank Hellard, Voices: Peter Ustinov, Keith Michell, Arthur Dignam, Ed Rosser, Bobby Bright, Ric Stone; animated film retelling the Beowulf epic, in which Grendel, the monster of the legend, philosophizes about human frailties and ponders his own role in human civilization

Fighting Back (Michael Caulfield, 1982) prod. Sue Milliken, Tom Jeffrey, exec. prod. Phillip Adams for Adams Packer Film Productions, dp John Seale; Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Paul Smith, Kris McQuade (AFI Best Supporting Actress), Robyn Nevin, Ben Gabriel, Catherine Gillmer, Anne Haddy; social drama about teacher and juvenile delinquent

We of the Never Never (Igor Auzins, 1982) exec. prod. Phillip Adams, prod. Greg Tepper for Adams Packer Productions, Film Corporation of Western Australia, wr. Peter Schreck from novel by (Jeannie) Mrs Aeneas Gunn, dp Gary Hansen (AFI), design Josephine Ford, ed. Cliff Hayes; Angela Punch McGregor, Arthur Dignam, Martin Vaughan, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, John Jarratt, Tony Barry, Tommy Lewis; Eastman colour, 35mm, 134 min.

Lonely Hearts (Paul Cox, 1982) prod. John B. Murray for Adams Packer Film Productions, exec. prod. Phillip Adams, wr. John Clarke, Paul Cox, dp Yuri Sokol, music Norman Kaye, design Neil Angwin, ed. Tim Lewis; Wendy Hughes, Norman Kaye; Eastman colour, 35mm, 95 min.

Kitty and the Bagman (Donald Crombie, 1983) prod. Anthony Buckley for Forest Home Films for Adams Packer Film Productions, wr. John Burnie, Phillip Cornford, dp Dean Semler, music Brian May, design Owen Williams, ed. Timothy Wellburn; Liddy Clark, Reg Evans, John Ewart, Val Lehman, Colette Mann, Gerard McGuire, John Stanton; comedy drama set Sydney 1920s, feud between two crime queens; colour, Panavision, 35mm, 98 min.

Abra Cadabra (Alexander Stitt, 1983) wr. Alexander Stitt, prod. Phillip Adams for Adams Packer Film Productions, music Peter Best, 90 min.; animated; voices: Jacki Weaver, John Farnham, Hayes Gordon, Gary Files, Jim Smillie; sci-fi fantasy

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