Australasian feature films by release date

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1900s Films


Soldiers of the Cross (Joseph Perry & Herbert Booth, 1900) g d The Salvation Army; not as a whole a feature film, but a show with lantern slides, motion pictures, hymns and a spoken commentary; included here because of obvious historical importance: the world's first drama film; premiered 13 September 1900; the film sequences are lost; only stills survive


Story of the Kelly Gang, The (Charles Tait, 1906) J. & N. Tait, Johnson & Gibson, wr. Charles Tait, dp Millard Johnson, Orrie Perry, Reg Perry, c. 4000 ft; Frank Mills, Elizabeth Tait, John Tait, Norman Campbell, Will Coyne; world's first feature film, in the sense that it ran for more than an hour; seventeen minutes of the film have been restored and released by the National Film and Sound Archive


Eureka Stockade (George & Arthur Cornwell, 1907) Australian Cinematograph Company [its only film], screened Atheneum Theatre, Melbourne, 19 October, 1907 (Reade 1975: 275)

Robbery under Arms (Charles MacMahon, 1907) MacMahon's Exquisite Pictures, screenplay, scenario, script Charles MacMahon, from the novel by Rolf Boldrewood, dp Byers Coates, William Duff, 5000 ft. Jim Gerald (Warrigal), George Merriman, Lance Vane, William Duff, Arthur Guest, Rhoda Dendron


For the Term of his Natural Life (Charles MacMahon, 1908) prod. Charles MacMahon, E. J. Carroll, Messrs Gunn Osborne & Jerdan; from the novel by Marcus Clarke, dp Byers Coates; Martyn Keith, Rosie Knight Phillips, Mrs Barry Lane; 2000ft; prison at Port Arthur, Tasmania

Quietest Horse in Australia, The (unknown, 1908) screened Spencer's Lyceum, Sydney, 18 April 1908 (Reade 1975: 275)


Heroes of the Cross (Joseph Perry, 1909; much content from Soldiers of the Cross (1900)

Saved from the Sea (unknown, 1909) screened Spencer's Lyceum, Sydney, 1 January 1909 (Reade 1975: 275)

Scottish Covenanters, The (Joseph Perry, 1909)

Sydney on the Spree (Globe Pictures, 1909) aka Motor Boat Pirates on Sydney Harbour, screened Queen's Hall, 31 July 1909 (Reade 1975: 275)

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