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Inclusive but very selective list of short Australasian films

After Hours (Jane Campion, 1984) dp Laurie McInnes; AFC Women's Film Unit; alleged sexual abuse in the workplace; 29 min.

All Set Backstage (Paul Cox, 1976) Prahran College of Advanced Education, 22 min.

Always a Visitor (Kuranda Seyit, 2000) Turkish-Australian experience; one of the 13-part series Hybrid Life (SBS 2001)

American Poet's Visit, The (Michael Thornhill, 1969) wr. Ken Quinnell from story by Frank Moorhouse, dp Russell Boyd; Richard Brennan, John Flaus, Barrett Hodsdon, Sandra Levy, George Molnar, Albie Thoms; short, 16 min.

Amy Goes to Wadjemup Island (Denise Groves, 2006) short; prod. Jennifer Gherardi; Amy Dhu, Amy Groves, Sylvia Clarke, Kai Horrell, Dylan Groves

Apartments (Megan McMurchy, 1977) Australian Film and Television School; Jeune Pritchard, Sandy Edwards, Michael Snelling; short film depicting relationships of people living in an apartment block; 10 min.

Arbor Day (Gillian Armstrong, 1971) 65'

Audacious (Samantha Lang, 1995) wr. Samantha Lang, Australian Film Television and Radio School, 26 min. short; Dee Smart, John Polson, Aden Young; Stella, a young married woman is distraught because of the lack of passion her husband, Tom, shows towards her; she tries everything, a psychologist, videos, fantasies, but when her husband finally realises the problem and responds she is taken aback

Audition, The (Anna Campion, 1989) short film featuring Jane Campion and her mother Edith, who is auditioning for a role in An Angel at my Table; in the finished product, Edith plays the high school English teacher Miss Lindsay, who gives a rousing classroom recitation of Tennyson's Excalibur that enthralls Jane; NZ

Aurelia Steiner Melbourne (Marguerite Duras, 1975) experimental; 40 min.

Australian All Shorts, Tribe First Rites, nd.

BabaKiueria (Don Featherstone, 1986) short; racial reversal comedy; 29 min.

Bad News Bachelors (Franco di Chiera, 1990) short, prod. wr. Franco di Chiera, 27 min.; production in association with the Australian Film Commission, with Nicholas Papademetriou, Helen Dallas, Greg Iverson, Deidre Brock-Jones; comedy about singles in the inner-city area of Sydney where finding a lover is not as easy as it seems; Stuart and Karen spend much of their time in coffee shops sharing experiences; They have a lot in common including some adventurous attempts at solving their problems; Stuart puts an advertisement in the gay personal column and Karen decides to visit a dating service

Ballad of Betty and Joe, The (Martha Ansara, 2009) wr. Martha Ansara, Rivka Hartman; Alice Ansara, Tony Barry, 12 min.

Bangers (Andrew Upton, 1999) wr. Andrew Upton; Cate Blanchett, Lynette Curran; 9 min.

Bathers, The (Elissa Down, 2002) wr. Elissa Down

Better to Reign in Hell (Phillip Noyce, 1969) short; [title from Milton]; Clemency Weight (associated with Albie Thoms)

Beyond Gravity (Garth Maxwell, 1988) was available on one VHS tape called Boys on Film with Bad News Bachelors and two other short films; NZ; 48 min.

Beyond the Glass Ceiling, Ronin Films, VHS videocassette, 1994, 100 min., sd., col., 1/2 in; featuring three short films by Jane Campion: Peel (1982) A Girl's Own Story (1984) Passionless Moments (1984); as well as The Lead Dress (Virginia Murray), Excursion to the Bridge of Friendship (Christina Andreef, 1993), Crack in the Curtains (Jinks Dulhunty), Just Desserts (Monica Pellizzari, 1993)

Big House, The (Rachel Ward, 2001) short, wr. Rachel Ward; AFI best fiction short 2001; 24 mins, 35mm; Tony Martin, Gary Sweet, Kick Gurry, dop Toby Oliver

Birthday Boy (Sejong Park, 2004) animated; received major award at the world's largest animation festival in Annecy, 7-12 June 2004; Best Short Animation AFI Oct 2004

Bit of a Tiff with the Lord, A (Peter Duncan, 1995) short

Blind Daters, The (Adrian McFarlane, 2009) wr. Adrian McFarlane; Kylie Milne, David Smyth

Blindman's Bluff (Rachel Ward, 2000) wr. Rachel Ward; Kate Agnew, Rachael Blake, Tony Martin

Blue Drag (Burleigh Smith, 2013) Burleigh Smith, Jennah Bannear, Tiriel Mora; comedy romance short

Blue Poles (2005) short; Sam Worthington; Flickerfest Sydney Jan 2005

Bolero (Albie Thoms, 1967) short

Bomb (Alister Grierson, 2005) short; three awards Tropfest 2005

Bonza, 1988, short, wr. dir. David Swann; 16 mm. 27 min.; Bonza is a dog

Boobs a Lot (Aggy Read, 1968) 3 min.

Bound (Serhat Carradee, 2004) wr. Sam Meikle, prod. Daniella Ortega; Matthew Mazzafero, Ian Bliss, Jane Townsend, Joseph Zeini; AFTRS; 8 min.; on the DVD with Last of the Knucklemen

Bread and Dripping (Margot Nash, 1982) made with the assistance of the Creative Development Branch of the Australian Film Commission and the Women's Film Fund; short; 17 min.

Breaking Through (Jackie McKimmie, 1990) Alice Ansara, Tony Barry, Julie Hamilton, Noni Hazlehurst, Deidre Rubenstein; women's drama; 52 min.

Brickwall (Paul Winkler, 1975) 22 min.

Brother (Adam Elliot, 1999) animated short

Buck's Party (Steve Jodrell, 1978) dp Wally Fairweather, Patrick Maher, ed. Geoffrey Hall, Davd Rapsey; Steve Edwards, David Griffiths, Tom Harris, Pauline Hood; short; 38'; made in WA

Buried (Tim Bullock, 2003) wr. prod. Tim Bullock; Clayton Jacobson (Angus), Jason Gann (Malcolm), Gone Troppo DVD, Tropfest 2003 DVD, 6'45"

Camera Class (Phillip Noyce, 1971) experimental short

Caravan Park (Phillip Noyce, 1973) short, Australian Film and Television School, wr. Phillip Noyce, story John Emery, dp Tom Cowan, ed. Anthony Buckley, sound Barry Brown, production assistant Gillian Armstrong, 14 min.; Beryl Marshall, Les Berryman, Mathew Kay; after their car breaks down, a family moves into a caravan park while they try to raise the money needed for the necessary repairs

Charlie at the Sydney Show (John Gavin, 1916) Ern Vockler

Cheek to Cheek (Beth Armstrong, 2000) wr. prod. Beth Armstrong, line producer Lisa Lloyd, dp Tom Gleeson, ed. Martin Connor, pd Barnaby Hobbs, costumes Penny Mackie, composer Alyson Newman; Melissa Jaffer, Tina Bursill, Maggie Blinco, Georgina Naidu, David Hoey, Julie Herbert; fresh, humorous and uplifting story about a journey by a 73-year-old woman after the death of her husband, made in support of The International Year of Older Persons; short; 38 min.

Choice, The (Donald Crombie, 1971) ed. Anthony Buckley; 34 min.

Christmas Cake, The (Katey Grusovin) short

Clara (Van Sowerwine, 2005) animated stop-motion short; 12 year-old girl struggling to deal with change in her life

Computer Boy (Abe Forsythe) three scenes only of this short film on the Ned DVD

Co-respondent's Course, A (E. A. Dietrich-Derrick, 1931) prod. F.W. Thring; short, romantic drama; talkie; first production from Efftee Films; extensive use of locations; shown with Diggers

Connected by Light (Matthew Bate, 2008) re Lynette Wallworth

Cracker Bag (Glendyn Ivin, 2003) short; won Palme d'Or

Cradle Song (Gilly Coote, 1977) wr. ed. Gilly Coote, Australian Film and Television School; Michele Fawdon; young woman, at home in the traditional wife/mother role, offered the opportunity to sing again, finds the decision a difficult one to make; short, 17 min.

Crocodile Dreaming (Darlene Johnson, 2007) short; David Gulpilil, Tom E. Lewis; 27 min.

Dark Stories: Tales from beyond the Grave (various, 2001) collection of short art/horror films; NZ

Date, The (Will Usic & Damon Herriman, 1999) Dan Spielman, Rose Byrne, Richard Carter, Denise Kirby; Gone Troppo DVD, 7 min.

Dead to the World, 1990, dir. Ross Gibson, Huzzah Productions, 102 min., producer: John Cruthers, with Lynette Curran, John Doyle, Tibor Gyapjas, Agnieszka Perepeczko, Richard Roxburgh, Newtown, once the boxing centre of Sydney, is now the property speculation capital. Property developers are looking to wring a fortune out of the district. Alexandra's gym, of which she is proud and protective, is prime real estate and many factions are coveting it. Passions heat and the moral ground begins to shift - everyone must decide what they want, how they might get it and just where they would draw the line in the quest for satisfaction

Denial, 1997, short, dir. wr. ed. assoc prod. Phillip Crawford, supervising prod. Ann Turner, Janis Lesinskis, VCA School of Film and Television, University of Melbourne, 17 min. Nominated for two awards AFI 1998. About two brothers and a mother (Kerry Armstrong) in a caravan park and a pedophile.

Dhakiyarr vs The King (Tom Murray & Alan Collins, 2004) documentary; Sydney Film Festival 2004; Sundance Jan 2005; 56 min.

Diplomat, The (Tom Zubrycki, 2000) doco about Jose Ramos Horta; 56 min. and also feature version 81 min.

Djarn Djarns, The (Wayne Blair, 2005) short; Aust premiere Message Sticks festival Sydney Friday 27 May 2005

Don't Blink (George Goularas, 1998) experimental; 18 min.

Drip, The (Nick Tantaro, 1996) short, wr. prod. Nick Tantaro; Matt Potter, Jonathan Mill; AFTRS; 7.5 min.; on the Eliza Fraser DVD

Dust (Ivan Sen, 2000) short, wr. Ivan Sen; broadcast on SBS Friday 2 June 2000 as part of Unfinished Business: Reconciling the Nation; indigenous short drama exploring the demons and dreams of five people on a cotton farm

Eat Carpet (SBS-TV, 1988-2005-) TV series of short films

Ebony Society (Tammy Davis, 2011) NZ; 'a pair of hapless high-school criminals break into a house, but end up having to pretend to the small children they unexpectedly discover that they are Santa Claus and Rudolf'

Edge of Realty (Priscilla Cameron, 2003) Troy Planet (Steve Sticht), Yutaka Izumihara (client), Bart Smith (Brian), 7 min.; Tropfest 2003 DVD

Eight in the 80s (Nick Ostrovskis, 1989) eight short films shot on Super 8

El Angelito (Guillermo Sepulveda, 1993) short; 20 min.

Everything Goes (2004) short; Abbie Cornish, Hugo Weaving; man selling his possessions following the breakdown of his marriage; Flickerfest Sydney 7 Jan 2005

Excursion to the Bridge of Friendship (Christina Andreef, 1993)

Extra, The (Darren Ashton, 1999) short

Flesh on Glass (Ann Turner, 1981) short

Flowergirl (Cate Shortland, 1999) short

Footy: the La Perouse Way (Michael Longbottom, 2006) short; 25 min.

Forerunner, The (John Heyer, 1957) winner of the 1958 Australian Film Institute (AFI) Silver Medallion Award in the Open Section; 36 min.

Forgotten Cinema: The Golden Age of Australian Motion Pictures (Anthony Buckley, 1967) compilation doco; 56 min.

From Sand to Celluloid, 1996: parts are No Way to Forget, Payback, Two-Bob Mermaid, Blackman Down, Fly Peewee Fly, Round Up. [See also Shifting Sands: From Sand to Celluloid Continued.] Each title made in association with SBS Independent for 'Creative Nation'. Contents: No way to forget / writer, director, Richard Frankland (11 min.) - won Best Short Film AFI 1996 -- Fly Peewee fly / writer, director, Sally Riley (10 min.) -- Round up / writer, director, Rima Tamou (16 min.) -- Two bob mermaid / writer, director, Darlene Johnson (15 min.) --Payback / writer, director, Warwick Thornton (10 min.) -- Black man down / writer, co-producer, Sam Watson ; director, Bill McCrow (11 min.). A compilation of 6 short films by Aboriginal filmakers dramatising various aspects of Aboriginal life in white Australia. Touches on topics which include Black Deaths In Custody, family life, social interaction and social disadvantage, traditions and racial discrimination

Fuckwit (Daniel Krige) short

Gap, The (Christina Andreef, 1994) wr. Christina Andreef, prod. Helen Bowden, Australian Film Institute [distributor], John Howard; 18 min. From dawn one morning until dawn the next a man in deep despair, tries to end his life by jumping off the Gap, a cliff at the mouth of Sydney Harbour. Cops are sent to talk him down. The man outdoes them in his dignity and his courage

Gate (Peter Carstairs, 2000) short, wr. Peter Carstairs; Brett Wood, Joel Edgerton, Tony Ryan; on DVD of One Night the Moon

Gentle Persuasion (Burleigh Smith, 2008) 7 min., Tropfest

Gifted Thumbs (Peter Templeman, 2002) wr. Peter Templeman, prod. Katherine Barrett, dop Torstein Dyrting, music Ben Chase; Mark Evans, Liz Sideris; 14 min. WA

Girl From the Family of Man, The (Michael Thornhill, 1970) wr. Frank Moorhouse, dp Russell Boyd; short; 28 min.

Girl Who Met Simone de Beauvoir in Paris, 1980, short, dir. Richard Wherrett, wr. Frank Moorhouse, prod. Richard Brennan, dp Geoff Burton, camera op Gill Leahy, ed. Stewart Young; Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Judy Morris, Anna Volska, John Clayton, Peter Carroll, John Sherrin, Nancye Hayes, Katrina Foster, Brandon Burke; 23 min.

Girl's Own Story, A (Jane Campion, 1984) short, 27 min.

Goodbye Cruel World (Adrian McFarlane, 2011)

Grange (Catriona McKenzie, 2004) telemovie; John Bluthal, Wadih Dona, Nicholas Hope, Aaron Pedersen, Bruce Spence; short comedy, 26 min.

Green Bush (Warwick Thornton, 2005) prod. Kath Shelper; best short film IF Awards 2005; short

Gretel (Gillian Armstrong, 1973) short, AFTRS

Guided by the Light of the Lord (Abe Forsythe, 1998) Leslie Garlik (Marc Turner) tries to teach ppl about Jesus, 5 min.

Harry's War (Richard Frankland, 1999) documentary-drama about the war experience of Frankland's Uncle Harry; short; 35 min. Crossing Tracks 'compilation'

Harvie Krumpet, short, dir. Adam Elliot; AA 2004; animated

Haunted Barn, The (F. W. Thring, 1931) comedy melodrama short shown with Diggers

Her Outback (Elissa Down, 2002) 4 min.

Hey Al, Baby (David Minter, 1969) Alan Finney, Chrissie Loh, Peter Carmody, Chris Maudson, Anna Raknes, Eleanor Wilson; 34 min.

Holding Your Breath, 2002, short, dir. Anthony Lucas; competing for a short film prize, Cannes, 2002

Hole in the Ground (Kenta McGrath, 2008)

Home (Phillip Noyce, 1969) experimental short

Horse with Stripes, A (Andrew O'Sullivan, 1991) short, wr. Andrew O'Sullivan, prod. Andrew Ross; John Gregg, Mary-Lou Stewart, Michael Lake, Louise Howitt; 25 min.; AFTRS; on the DVD with High Rolling

I Want To Dance Better At Parties (Gideon Obarzarnek, Matthew Bate, 2013) 'hybrid' film; dance; Adelaide FF 2013

In a Few Words (George Goularas, 1989) experimental; voice of Mark Zenner; 9 min.

Inja (Steve Pasvolsky, 2002?) short; Oscar nomination

Inland with Sturt (Hugh Mc Innes, 1951) Rod Taylor (first role, as George McLeay) Grant Taylor (Charles Sturt); 18 min.

Interrupted Divorce, An (John Gavin, 1916) wr. Agnes Gavin; Fred Bluett, Vera Remée

Intersection (Phillip Noyce, 1969) experimental short

Into the Night(Tony Krawitz, 2002) short, Won Best Screenplay in a Short Film AFI Awards 7 November 2002.

Intolerance (Laura Fienstein [Paul Fenech], 1998) Sandy Gutman, Gone Troppo DVD, 4'30"

Jack (Matty Limpus, 2003) wr. Matty Limpus, prod. Francesca Strano, dop Denson Baker, music Alex Ringis, Barry Langrishe (Jack), Deborah Best (Helen), Andy King (Neil), Vito deFrancesco (Mickey), Linda Brotherton (Adel), Nick Candy (Young Traveller)

Jet Set (Jonathan Ogilvie, 2001) Sam Atwell, Jane Borghesi, Beth Champion, Maya Stange; passengers in a departure lounge; 73 min.

Jewboy (Tony Krawitz, 2005) 52 min.; set in Sydney's Hassidic community

Journey (Ivan Sen, 1997) a boy on the road; 20 min.

Just Desserts (Monica Pellizzari, 1993) short; relationship between girl's sexual maturation and food items

Just Me and My Little Girlie (Linda Blagg, 1976) short; deals with father-daughter incest

Kiss, The (Alan Lovell, 1998) Hugo Weaving, Zoe Carides, Peter Brown, case of mistaken identity, 7 min.

Ladies Please, 1994, on the Priscilla DVD: it's a doco about drag queens; quite long, c. 30 min.

Last Aussie Auteur, The (Tony Martin, 1993) short, "originally screened on ABCTV's The Late Show in 1993, a profile of the controversial Australian filmmaker Warren Perso"; wr. Tony Martin; Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, John Harrison, Jane Kennedy, Judith Lucy, Tony Martin, Mick Molloy; on the Bad Eggs DVD; 10 min.

Lennie Cahill Shoots Through (2004) Chris Haywood; Best Short Fiction Film AFI 2004

Living Room (David Caesar) short, made 1987 (DC made Shopping Town at film school the year before) DC mentions the work of Richard Everden and his photography of indigenous people at end 19C; DC's film is a documentary of ppl and how they live in various places in Sydney; c. 19 min.

Lost Thing, The (Shaun Tan, 2010) Tim Minchin; animated short, 15 min. Academy Award 2011; director from WA

Love Like You've Never Been Hurt (Burleigh Smith, 2009)

Love Tyrant, The (Alfred Rolfe, 1912) aka Love, The Tyrant; drama/thriller; short; 20 min.

Love You Mum (David Ockenden, 2007) prod. Matt Pearson, wr. Frances Macaulay Forde; Bridget Walters, Eliza Lovell

Lover Boy (Geoffrey Wright, 1989) wr. Geoffrey Wright; Noah Taylor (Mick), Gillian Jones (Sally), Ben Mendelsohn (Gaz), Daniel Pollock (Duck), Alice Garner (Rhonda), Peter Hosking (Lex), Beverley Gardiner (Mick's mother); 16 mm. 57 min.; inappropriate liaison between teenager and woman three times his age ends tragically; on the DVD with Metal Skin

Malefactor, The (Tim Holland, date?) length?

Man of Straw (Alkinos Tsilimidos, 1988) doco; week in the life of compulsive gambler; 28 min.

Man You Know, The (Steven Jacobs, 1984) on the DVD with La Spagnola; weird gothic drama about crazy son of politician; experimental film about the son of Bob Proudfoot, The Man You Know, and what has driven him crazy

Margherita with Hot Salami, A (Daina Reid, 1999) Frances O'Connor, Paul Leyden

Martha's New Coat (Rachel Ward, 2003) short, wr. Elizabeth Mars, prod. Bryan Brown; Matilda Brown (daughter of Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown); released in SBS season of 50 Minute Shorts, 52 min.

Mate (Evan Clarry, 1997) Rod promises his mate Dave he will feed his body to the crocs when he dies, 10 min.; on the DVD with Blurred; weird gothic drama

Megan (Phillip Noyce, 1969) short, experimental

Men's Room (Robert Forsyth, 2002) wr. Robert Forsyth, prod. Robyn Marais, dp Richard Malins ACS; Simon Clarke, Deanna Cooney; on the WA DVD

Mere Oblivion (Burleigh Smith, 2007) 7 min., Tropfest

Messiah (Damian Walshe-Howling, 2016) David Gulpilil

Mimi (short, 2004)

Moth (Meryl Tankard, 2011) 14 min.

My Cunt (Deborah Strutt, 1996) prod. Liz Baulch; Maude Davey; short; 6 min.

My Life without Steve (Gillian Leahy, 1986) diary film; 53 min.

My Sister (Yen Ooi Chi, 2004) short; Tara Fitzgerald

Mystery of Flying Kicks, The (Matthew Bate, 2010)

Nana (Warwick Thornton, 2008) 'a slight, quirky joy in which a little girl provides a voiceover in honour of her grandmother'

New Black, The (2009) compilation of short Indigenous films shown on ABC TV 2009, incl. films from Deborah Mailman, Leah Purcell, Warwick

New Skin (Anthony Hayes, 2002) short, Dendy Award Sydney FF, 56 min.

Nice Coloured Girls (Tracey Moffatt, 1987) wr. prod. Tracey Moffatt; Women's Film Fund, Australian Film Commission; short, 17 min.

Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy (Tracey Moffatt, 1989) Marcia Langton; v. Scott Murray, article in Cinema Papers, 79, May 1990: 18-22; short, 16 min.

Nightride (Martin Murphy, c 1997) short, wr. Martin Murphy, prod. Della Churchill; Tai Nguyen, Brett Wood, John Brisdon; AFTRS; 11 min.; on the End Play DVD

Nights Belong to the Novelist: Elizabeth Jolley (Christina Wilcox, 1987) short; 48 min.

Nightride (Martin Murphy, c 1997) short, wr. Martin Murphy, prod. Della Churchill; Tai Nguyen, Brett Wood, John Brisdon; AFTRS 2004; 11 min.; on the End Play DVD

Ninety-Nine Per Cent (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1963) 43 min.

No Way to Forget (Richard Frankland, 1996) short; see From Sand to Celluloid; Best Short Film AFI 1996, 11 min.

Number One Fan: Laurie Nichols (Jolyon Hoff, 2007) 13 min.

One Hundred A Day (Gillian Armstrong, 1973) short

Only the Brave (Ana Kokkinos, 1994) wr. Ana Kokkinos, Mira Robertson, dp Jaems Grant, music Philip Brophy; Elena Mandalis, Dora Kaskanis, Maud Davey; 59 min.

Original Copy (Mark Zenner, 1989) 23 min.

Out (Samantha Lang, 1995) short, prod. Samantha Lang

Outback Upfront: 2002 compilation of short films from the ABC TV series

Palace of Dreams (Peter James, 1984) Anthony Buckley Films; doco about the State Theatre in Sydney; contains film historical material; 25 min.

Palisade (Laurie McInnes, 1988) wr. Laurie McInnes, short

Passionless Moments (Jane Campion, 1984) wr. Gerard Lee; short, 13 min.

Patineur Grotesque (Marius Sestier, 1896) is thought to be Australia’s earliest surviving film. Also known as The Humorous Rollerskater or The Burlesque Roller Skater, it was made in Prince Alfred Park, Sydney but the exact date is still unknown. Despite this, the film’s first screening was not in Australia, but in Lyon, France on 28 February 1897. It is believed that the film had never been screened in Australia until 2010.

Peel (Jane Campion, 1982) aka Peel: An Exercise in Discipline; short; father orders son to pick up orange peel from roadside; dysfunctional situation; 9 min.

Perished (Aaron McCann, Stefan Androv Radanovich, 2011) short; WA; 15 min.

Peter Weir Short Film Collection (2005) ed. Anthony Buckley

Pilbara Pearl (Christopher R. Watson, 1999) wr. Sarah Rossetti, WA

Policy, The (Daniel Krige) short

Possum (Brad McGann, 1997) NZ; short; 19 min.

Prodigal Son, The (Tony Radevski, 2006) wr. Tony Radevski, prod. Tom Zubrycki; emotional story of gay man in his 40s reunited with his traditional, Macedonian family after being estranged from his father for 15 years; won the Flickerfest IF Media Award for Most Popular Film at Flickerfest 2006; short, 27 min.

Projectionist, The (Michael Bates, 2004) animated short; 14 min.

Queen of Hearts (Danielle McLean, 2004) dp Warwick Thornton; Kirsty McDonald; 49 min.; Alice Springs

Rabbit on the Moon (Monica Pellizzari, 1987) short

Recycle (Cath Murphy, 2004) short, 14 min.

Relative Strangers (Rosemary Hesp, 1998) wr. prod. Rosemary Hesp, AFTRS, nominated for a craft award AFI 1998; quasi documentary, through voice-over, about guy who was brought up by his grandmother, with his 18 years older mother as his 'sister'; Simon Cooper's story; 12 min.

Restare Uniti (Julius Telmer, 2011) short; Frank Fazio; shot Harvey, WA; 14 min.

Road to Alice (Stavros Andonis Efthymiou, 1992) short, wr. Stavros Andonis Efthymiou, dp Rohan Smith; Hugo Weaving, Noah Taylor, Helen Buday, Loene Carmen, Angelo d'Angelo, Emil Minty; 29 min.

Roll (Martin Wilson, 2004) short, 50 min., Toby Malone, Damien Robertson, Marcus Graham, David Ngoombujarra, Tasma Walton; WA; Soul Films; Martin Wilson is a graduate of Murdoch University, 1991, 1993

Roof Needs Mowing, The (Gillian Armstrong, 1974) short, 10 min.

Rust Bucket (Robert Connolly, 1997) short, wr. Robert Connolly, camera Tristan Milani; RowanWoods (Wayne), Di Adams (Susan), Rex Woods (Ben), Jamie Oxenbould (mechanic), Steve Rodgers (David), Steve Worland, Rob Blanzen (thieves), Gone Troppo DVD, 7 min.

Sailing to Brooklyn (Ken Cameron, 1974) Sharon Calcraft, Rob Damon, Ronald Owen; short, 33 min.

Saltwater Man (Mitch Torres, 2001) a vibrant and colourful story, a tribute to a talented musician and respected community elder. Uncle Kiddo Taylor plays chromatic harp. He's one of the fathers of the "Broome Sound". He's an old man now, living in a humble house on the coast and supplementing his pension with fishing and shell gathering. It is the first episode from the series "Everyday Brave" which profiles indigenous Australians who have made a real difference to their communities and to society. The series is directed by Broome's Mitch Torres and produced under the Film Australia National Interest Program in association with Macumba Media Enterprises and in association with SBS Independent; short

Saviour, The (Peter Templeman, 2006) short; Oscar nomination 2006

Seal Hunters, The (Paul Maunder, 1973) NZ, short, ed. Sam Neill

Seek (Prabhjyot K. Bal, 2005) short + three other short films

Serious Undertakings (Helen Grace, 1983) Robert Alexander, Marilyn Allen, Nick Enright, Stephen Leeder, Jan Cornall; short; 28 min.

Obituary, The (Peter Duncan, 1993) short?

Sissy (Debbie Gittins, 2001) documentary; three gay Aboriginal guys in Northbridge: ? Culbong, Anna Mae (transvestite), Ella Fitzgerald; 'We are glamorous, we are here and we are queer'; Sissy is an expression of gay black identity in Perth: CC and Ella are well known socialites and Anna Mae regularly struts her stuff on stage

Scoff (Renée Webster, 2003) wr. Renée Webster, dop Richard Malins, prod. Robyn Marais, music Alex Ringis; Amy McDowall, Simon Baynes, Gavan Ellis, Stephen Parkin, George Shevtsov; filmed at Calingiri; 11 min.; on the WA DVD

Shadow Panic (Margot Nash, 1989) experimental short

Shooting the Breeze (Christina Andreef, 1996) short, 8 min.

Sick to the Vitals (Kim Miles, 2005) 20 min.

Silent Storm (Peter Butt, 2004) nuclear testing and the poisoning of the milk supply, causing thyroid cancer; Bille Brown as CSIRO scientist Hedley Marston; 52 min.

Six Days Straight (Michael Duignan, 2002) short, wr. Louise Woodruff Sanz, prod. John Kisch; Drew Forsythe, Damien Fowler, Jennifer Kent; 12 min.; on the DVD with Alvin Purple

Some Dreams Come True (Christopher Kenworthy, 2006) 7 min.

Spag, The (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1962) 37 min.

Square Bashing (Stephen Harrop, 1982) short; 9 min.

Squeaker's Mate (David Baker, 1973) short story by Barbara Baynton; on the DVD with The Great Macarthy; 41 min.

Stations (Jackie McKimmie, 1983) Noni Hazlehurst, Tim Burns, Elaine Cusick, Bronwyn Naylor, Betty Ross; short, 23 min.

Steam Train Passes, A (1974) doco about locomotive 3801; 21 min.

Stump (Robert Forsyth, 2002) wr. Robert Forsyth, prod. Robyn Marais, dp Richard Malins ACS; Talei Howell-Price, Stephen Parkin, WA

Stunt Love (Matthew Bate, 2011) wr. Matthew Bate, prod. Caroline Man, research John J. McGowan; J.P. McGowan, Helena Holmes, Zoe Bell, Grant Page, David Donaldson; story of J.P. McGowan; 27 min.

Sun (Phillip Noyce, 1969) experimental short

Sunday in Melbourne (Gil Brealey, Paul Olsen, 1958) experimental short, 22 min.

Sweetheart (Matthew Saville, 2003) short

Swinger (Gregor Jordan, 1995) man hanging himself; Darren Gilshenan (John) , Lucy Bell (girlfriend), Jerome Ehlers (Macmillan), Ian Rogerson (DJ), Gone Troppo DVD, 3 min.

Tango Underpants (Khrob Edmonds, Miranda Edmonds, 2014) Emma Booth; short; WA

Tears (Ivan Sen, 1998) two young people (called Vaughn and Lena, as in Beneath Clouds (2002) - tho with different actors) leave the mish (mission) and head for the bus-stop, possibly to leave town; Luke Carroll (Vaughn), Jamilla Frail (Lena) 15 min.

Telegram Man, The (James Francis Khehtie, 2011) Jack Thompson, Gary Sweet, Sigrid Thornton

Temperament Unsuited (Ken Cameron, 1978) Steve J. Spears, Robyn Nevin, Ken Goodlet; set in a school; 58 min.

Terra Nullius (Anne Pratten, 1993) short; stolen generations Aboriginal girl has been sexually abused by adoptive father

Terror Lostralis (David Shepherd, 1980) dp Gaetano Nino Marinetti; Jack Charles;

That's Show Biz (Phillip Noyce, 1973) Gretel Pinninger, Phillip Noyce

Then She Was Gone (Burleigh Smith, 2010)

Things My Father Never Taught Me, The (Burleigh Smith, 2012) Burleigh Smith, Aiden Papamihail, Bridie Carter; comedy romance short; 7 min.

Third Note, The (Catriona McKenzie, 2000) 16 min.

Three Hams in a Can (Kenta McGrath, 2009)

Three Old Friends (Tim Burstall, 1971) Graeme Blundell, Alan Finney, Bruce Spence; on the Stork DVD

Titsiana Booberini (Robert Luketic, 1997) Tania Lucy, Sophie Lee, Roz Hammond

Touch Me (Paul Cox, 1993)

Towel Head (Rowan Woods, 1997) RW checks into top hotel, enjoys room service, leaves; Rowan Woods (guest), John Bocska (reception), Stephen Thompson (bellhop), short, 5 min.

Tran the Man (Rowan Woods, 1994) wr. Rowan Woods; David Wenham (Ray Moss), Rowan Woods (Donny Moss), Stephen Leeder (Uncle Jack) Skye Wansey (Deb); © AFTRS; short, ca. 16 min.

Transmission (Zac Hilditch, 2011) short; Best Short Film St Kilda 2012; 13 min.

Triple Word Score (Armagan Ballentyne); 9 min.; two older women play scrabble, new man arrives

Tulip (Rachel Griffiths, 1998) Charles 'Bud' Tingwell; older man dealing with death of his wife; 15 min.; dub from tape

Turangawaewae (Peter Burger, 2003) aka A Place to Stand; 'an elderly New Zealander wandering alone through a city with nothing to his name but plastic bags full of earth'; NZ

Turn Around (Samantha Saunders, 2003) short; Lisa Flanagan (Glenni) and Wayne Munro (Charlie); indigenous theme

Turning, The (Robert Connolly and others, 2013) shorts; collection of short films based on stories by Tim Winton, filmed Perth WA; premiere MIFF 3 August 2013, Aust release 26 Sept 2013

Two Cars, One Night (Taika Waititi, 2004) 'brusquely unsophisticated flirtation that develops between two car-bound youngsters while their respective parents live it up in a nearby bar'; NZ

Two Homelands (Michael Karris, 1979) essay film about Greek migrants

Two/Out (Kriv Stenders, 1998) prod. Catherine Kerr, AFC/POD Film Production; wr. Troy Davies, Kevin Steinberg, based on the play Jack by Jim McNeil; Richard Green, Tony Ryan; winner best short film AFI awards 1998; 14 min.

Two-Wheeled Time Machine, The (David Lowe, 1997) prod. Miriam Stein, Matt Day, Essie Davis, Jacki Weaver, 21 min., AFTRS; on the Cosi DVD

Untitled (Rolando Caputo, 1986) 7 min.

Velo Nero (Monica Pellizzari, 1987) short

Vengeance, c. 1998, dir. wr. Wendy Chandler, prod. Judi McCrossin, animated short, 10 min.; sendup of nature tourism, and tabloid TV; winner best animated short film AFI 1998

Victim (Corrie Jones, 2003) wr. Corrie Jones, poem by Nicole Blackburn, dop Torstein Dyrting, sound Alex Ringis, Rebecca Davis (victim), Jade Richards (young victim), Dene Irvin (kidnapper), Murray Dowsett (father), Liz Spencer (mother)

Violence in the Cinema Part 1 (Dr George Miller, 1979) wr. Dr George Miller [Phillip Adams]; Arthur Dignam, Victoria Anoux, Mallory Pettit; 20 min.

Warm Strangers (Ivan Sen, 1997) Jess reunites with his estranged father; 6 min.

Water Diary, The (Jane Campion, 2006) short; Cannes 2006

Water Was Dark and It Went Forever Down, The (Khrob Edmonds, Miranda Edmonds, 2009) wr. Tim Winton (story); Anna Brockway, Madeline Wallman; short, 11 min.

Watt's Last Voyage (Brian Davies, 1965) prod. Melbourne Uni Film Soc; Graeme Blundell, Robin Laurie, John Wragg; short, 8 min.

Way of the Birds, The (Sarah Watt, 2000) animated short

We Aim to Please (Margot Nash & Robin Laurie, 1977) short; political

We Are All Alone My Dear (Paul Cox, 1975) on the Innocence DVD; doco about people in a nursing home

Welcome to Pipe Mountain (Kenta McGrath, 2007)

Wet Clay (Don McLennan, 1974) dp ed. Zbigniew Friedrich; short

What the Future Sounded Like (Matthew Bate, 2006)

Where Dead Men Lie (Keith Gow, 1971) from 'screenplay' by Henry Lawson, prod. Gil Brearley, dp John Rhodes, Dean Semler, ed. Rod Adamson; Howie Debney, Anne Haddy, Jerome 'Jock' Levy, Sneider Brown, David Webb, Steven Millikan, Max Cullen (voice), Jack Thompson (voice)

Where the Two Rivers Meet (Ken Kelso, 1999) short, wr. Ken Kelso, prod. Nicky Lukacs, Strike Your Heart Productions, dp Greg Knight, ed. Melanie Rodriga, music Kavisha Mazzella et al.; funding SBS, Screenwest; Kelton Pell (Rory ['Willy'] Dalton), Geoff Kelso (Clive Lewis), Stephen Baamba Albert (Pastor Ronny); broadcast on SBS Friday 2 June 2000 as part of Unfinished Business: Reconciling the Nation; and on ABC Channel 2 28 May; drama of two boyhood adversaries brought together by coincidence in adulthood, who seek to reach a mutual understanding about a corrugated iron canoe, among many other things; the two rivers are the Canning and the Swan, and the film was shot near their confluence at Mt Henry; 26 min.

Wind (Ivan Sen, 1999) short, wr. Ivan Sen, prod. Graeme Isaac, dp Allan Collins; tracker theme; in 1857 a young black tracker and his elderly sergeant follow the trail of a killer; Crossing Tracks 'compilation'; 35 min.

Yellow Fella (Ivan Sen, 2005) short documentary on life of Tom. E. Lewis

Yes It Is (Virginia Hilyard, 1985) 4 min.

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