Inclusive lists of Australasian feature films

My intention is to list every feature film made (or intended to be made) in Australasia with name of director/s and release date. Note that I am not able to ensure that every film listed here was actually completed or released.
A list by date is also provided.
Many telemovies are included, but not shorts nor docos.
New Zealand films include 'NZ'. There are also separate lists for NZ films by title and by date.

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Films Y

Yachts And Hearts (Charles Byers Coates, 1918) aka The Opium Smugglers

Yackety Yak (Dave Jones, 1974) wr. prod. ed. Dave Jones, dp Gordon Glenn, sound Peter Beilby, Lloyd Carrick; Dave Jones, John Flaus, Peter Carmody, Peggy Cole, Jerzy Toeplitz; look at low-budget film-making; comedy; Melbourne; colour, 16 mm. 86 min.

Yakka Oy (Bradley Diebert, 2003) Miroslav Cacija, Warren Coulton, Emma Boroughs; martial arts; shot Canberra

Yank In Australia, A (Alfred J. Goulding, 1942) wr. Alfred J. Goulding

Yarrabah (tba, tba) wr. Nicholas Parsons, Kodie Bedford, prod. Tim Sanders, Ian Ludwick; musical; Screen Australia story development funding

Year My Voice Broke, The (John Duigan, 1987) Kennedy-Miller; Noah Taylor, Loene Carmen, Ben Mendelsohn, Graeme Blundell, Lynette Curran, Malcolm Robertson, Judi Farr, Tim Robertson, Bruce Spence, Harold Hopkins, Nick Tate, Vincent Ball, Anja Coleby, Kylie Ostara, Kelly Dingwall, Dorothy St Heaps, Colleen Clifford, Kevin Manser, Mary Regan, Queenie Ashton; coming-of-age, rite of passage; 105 min.

Year of Living Dangerously, The (Peter Weir, 1982) prod. Jim McElroy for Wayan Productions, wr. David Williamson, from novel by Christopher J. Koch, design Herbert Pinter, ed. Bill Anderson, music Maurice Jarre; Mel Gibson, Sigourney Weaver, Peter Collingwood, Noel Ferrier, Linda Hunt, Bill Kerr; Jakarta 1960s; Eastman colour, 35mm, 117 min.

Year of Wonders (Pip Karmel, FFC provisional funding 2005) novel Geraldine Brooks, prod. Phillip Noyce, Miranda Culley, Jeremy Thomas; Derbyshire village faced with plague 1665; apparently not completed

Yolngu Boy (Stephen Johnson, 2001) Sean Mununggur, John Sebastian Pilakui, Nathan Daniels; Aust. dist. Palace; 88 min.; see Leonie Rutherford, "Negotiating masculinity: Yolngu Boy", Metro, 140, 2004: 62-69; see Collins & Davies 2004: 88-91

You and Your Stupid Mate (Marc Gracie, 2005) wr. Mark O'Toole, Dave O'Neil; released 5 May 2005; Nathan Phillips, Angus Sampson, William McInnes, Tayler Kane, Samir Malik, Rachel Hunter, Madeline West; FFC funding $1,038,462, box-office $685,881; 85 min.

You Can't Play the Game If You Don't Know the Rules (Burleigh Smith, tba) wr. Burleigh Smith from book by Irene Alexander; Bruce Spence, Zoe Ventoura, John Waters; comedy

You Can't See 'Round Corners (David Cahill, 1969) prod. Peter Summerton, novel by Jon Cleary; Ken Shorter, Rowena Wallace, Carmen Duncan, Judith Fisher, Slim de Grey, Max Cullen, Peter Aanensen, Max Phipps, Henri Szeps; man deserts at time of Vietnam War

You Can't Push the River (Leslie Oliver, 1992) wr. Leslie Oliver, John Reddin, dp Joel Peterson, music Carl Vine; Nollaig O'Flannabhra, Antonio Punturiero, Kathryn Chalker; 74 min.

You Can't Stop the Murders (Anthony Mir, 2003) prod. Anastasia Sideris; Gary Eck, Akmal Saleh, Anthony Mir, Richard Carter, Kirstie Hutton, Garry Who, Rob Carlton, Steve Rogers; simple, nonsensical Australian comedy which originally took form as a two-minute sketch comedy for television: "like a series of comedy sketches "; Metro, 136: 30-34

Young Detectives On Wheels, The (Roger Donaldson, 2005) family; NZ

Young Einstein (Yahoo Serious, 1988) [b. Greg Pead in Newcastle]; Yahoo Serious, Odile le Clezio, John Howard

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