Inclusive lists of Australasian feature films

My intention is to list every feature film made (or intended to be made) in Australasia with name of director/s and release date. Note that I am not able to ensure that every film listed here was actually completed or released.
A list by date is also provided.
Many telemovies are included, but not shorts nor docos.
New Zealand films include 'NZ'. There are also separate lists for NZ films by title and by date.

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Films I

I Am Bish (Dave Bishop, Khrob Edmonds, 2009) zombies; WA

I Am Mother (Grant Sputore, 2018) wr. Michael Lloyd Green, prod. Kelvin Munro, Timothy White; scifi

I Can't Get Started (Rodney Fisher, 1985) wr. Ron Harding, prod. Richard Brennan, dp Geoff Burton; Ben Gabriel, John Waters, Milorad Mihajlovic; 96 min.

I, Frankenstein (Stuart Beattie, 2014) wr. Kevin Grevioux (comic), Kevin Grevioux, Stuart Beattie; Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto; Australian release 20 March 2014

I Happened to be a Girl (Jan Chapman, 1970) prod. Jan Chapman, dp Phil Noyce, ed. Phil Noyce

I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer (Stacey Edmonds, Doug Turner, 2008) wr. Doug Turner; digital; cricket team dismissed by mustachioed serial killer with razor sharp cricket glove and sharpened stumps; killer exacts revenge for torment endured 20 yrs earlier; 80 min.

I Live with me Dad (Paul Moloney, 1985) Peter Hehir

I Love You Too (Daina Reid, 2010) wr. Peter Helliar; Brendan Cowell, Peter Dinklage, Yvonne Strahovski, Megan Gale; comedy

I Own the Racecourse (Stephen Ramsey, 1985) wr. John Edwards, Stephen Ramsey from novel by Patricia Wrightson, prod. John Edwards, Timothy Read, exec. prod. Paul D. Barron, Barron Entertainment; Gully Coote, Tony Barry, Norman Kaye, Rodney Burke, Paul Bertram, Brett Climo, Bob Ellis, Safier Redsepaski; gullible teenager involved in doping scheme

Iced Lolly (Stephan Kern, Seumas Next, 2003) crime

I'll Make You Happy (Athina Tsoulis, 1998) NZ

Idiot Box (David Caesar, 1996) wr. David Caesar, prod. Nicki Roller, Glenys Rowe; Ben Mendelsohn (Kev), Jeremy Sims (Mick), John Polson (Jonah), Susie Porter (Betty); Kev and Mick rob a bank cos it seems like a good idea at the time; 82 min.

If The Huns Came To Melbourne (George Coates, 1916) dp Arthur Higgins

Illuminations (Paul Cox, 1976) wr. Paul Cox, prod. Tibor Markus, dp Paul Cox and Brian Gracey, design Alan Srubenrauch, eds Paul Cox, Russell Hurley; Sheila Florance, Norman Kaye, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Gabriella Trsek; Melbourne, colour, 16 mm, 74 min.

Illustrated Family Doctor, The (Kriv Stenders, 2004) prod. Catherine Kerr, wr. Kriv Stenders, David Snell, novel David Snell; Samuel Johnson (Gary Kelp), Jessica Napier, Kestie Morassi, Colin Friels, Brian Meegan, Paul Sonkkila, Sacha Horler (Gary's sister); dark comedy about illness; Gary's job is condensing books; Valhalla, Glebe 23 Feb 2005, opens nationally 3 March 2005; FFC budget $2,425,002, box office $42,885; 101 min.

Illustrious Energy (Leon Narbey, 1988) aka Dreams of Home; Chan, a Chinese prospector in the NZ goldfields in the 1860s and his father-in-law work a gold claim in a racist climate

I'm Not Harry Jenson. (James Napier Robertson, 2009) Gareth Reeves, Jinny Lee Story, Marshall Napier, Ian Mune, James Napier Robertson; mystery thriller [the fullstop is apparently part of the title and 'Jenson' is so spelt] NZ

Image of Death (Kevin James Dobson, 1976) Cathey Paine, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Cheryl Waters, Sheila Helpmann, Barry Creyton, Barry Pierce, Tony Bonner, Queenie Ashton, Max Meldrum, Robert Bruning; thriller; 81 min.

In a Savage Land (Bill Bennett, 1999) wr. & prod. Bill Bennett, Jennifer Bennett; Maya Stange, Martin Harrison, Rufus Sewell, John Howard, Max Cullen; won two AFI awards 1999 (Sound, and Music), nommed for five others (incl. Best Actress); American Martin Harrison plays the anthropologist from Harvard

In Her Skin (Simone North, 2009) aka I Am You; Guy Pearce, Sam Neill, Miranda Otto, Kate Bell, Rebecca Gibney, Khan Chittenden, Justine Clarke, Ruth Bradley, Jeremy Sims, Steven Vidler; crime thriller

In Like Flynn (Russel Mulcahy, 2018) wr. Errol Flynn, Steve M. Albert, Corey Large, Luke Flynn [grandson], Alexander Djamirze; dp Peter Holland; Thomas Cocquerel, Corey Large, William Moseley, Clive Standen, Callan Mulvey, Isabel Lucas, David Wenham, Dan Fogler; biopic

In My Father's Den (Brad McGann, 2004) NZ, Premiere Sydney Film Festival 11 June 2004, wr. Brad McGann, mystery-thriller, loosely based on whodunnit novel by Maurice Gee, Matthew MacFadyen, Emily Barclay, Miranda Otto, budget NZ$7.3m, AUD$6.3m; MacFadyen's hotshot photojournalist character becomes a suspect in the disappearance of Celia (ingenue Barclay), daughter of former lover; opened Sydney FF 2004; best new director Seattle IFF 2005

In Search of Anna (Esben Storm, 1979) wr. prod. Esben Storm, dp Michael Edols, music John Martyn, design Alan Stivell, ed. Dusan Werner; Richard Moir, Judy Morris, Bill Hunter, Alex Taifer, Ian Nimmo, Gary Waddell, Chris Haywood, Gerda Nicholson, Martin Sharp; ex-prisoner in search of girlfriend; Eastman colour, 35mm, 91 min.

In Search of the Castaways (Robert Stevenson, 1962) NZ/USA, Disney, prod. Walt Disney, wr. Lowell S. Hawley, dp Paul Beeson; Hayley Mills, Maurice Chevalier, George Sanders, Wilfrid Hyde White, Michael Anderson Jr, Wilfred Brambell; children's; 16mm; 100 min.

In the Last Stride (Martyn Keith, 1916)

In the Nick Of Time (Alfred Rolfe, 1911) Australian Photo-Play Company

In the Wake of the Bounty (Charles Chauvel, 1933) wr. Charles Chauvel, dp Tasman Higgins, sound Arthur Smith, Clive Cross; Arthur Greenaway (narrator), Mayne Lynton (Bligh); Errol Flynn (Fletcher Christian); dramatised history, filmed Tahiti and Pitcairn; introduces Errol Flynn, in the fictionalised part of the movie, as Fletcher Christian; he will later be a big star in HW

In the Winter Dark (James Bogle, 1998) prod. Rosemary Blight, wr. Tim Winton (novel), James Bogle & James Rasmussen, dp Martin McGrath; Brenda Blethyn, Ray Barrett, Richard Roxburgh, Miranda Otto

In Too Deep (John Tatoulis, Colin Smith, 1989) aka Mack the Knife; film noir

In Vitro (Tom McKeith, Will Jaymes, tba) wr. Talia Zucker, Tom McKeith, Will Jaymes, prod. Will Jaymes, Talia Zucker, Tom McKeith; scifi; Screen Australian story development funding

Inanimate Objects (Don Percy, 2009) comedy; Daniel Fletcher, Josephine Clark, Anne Phelan, Natalia Starzynski, Lesley Baker, Jim Daly; comedy; 54 min.

Incident at Raven's Gate (Rolf de Heer, 1989) aka Encounter at Raven's Gate; suspenseful science fiction comedy; Steven Vidler, Celine Griffin, Ritchie Singer, Vincent Gil, Saturday Rosenberg, Terry Camilleri, Max Cullen

Indecent Obsession, An (Lex Marinos, 1985) wr. Colleen McCullough (novel) Denise Morgan; Wendy Hughes, Gary Sweet, Richard Moir, Jonathan Hyde, Bruno Lawrence, Mark Little, Tony Sheldon, Bill Hunter, Julia Blake, Caroline Gillmer; Sr Honour Langtry (Wendy Hughes) runs, with remarkable incompetence, the psychiatric ward of a military hospital on a Pacific island during World War 2; shot on Lord Howe Island; cf Between Wars

Indefinite (Kane George Jason, 2015) wr. prod. Kane George Jason, Contempovision Films, dp Carlos Schneider; Nina Deasley, James Hagan, Robbie Vecchio, Laura Hopwood, Musyani Sichalwe, Nima Rael, Catriona M. Coe, Eddie Stowers, Ali Nazarpour; in English and Farsi, drama

Indigo Lake (Martin Simpson, 2017) wr. Martin Simpson, prod. Brian Cobb, Jonas McLallen, dp Rodrigo Vidal-Dawson; Andrew Cutcliffe, Miranda O'Hare, Marin Mimica, Gerard Webb, Pamela Shaw, Nicole Verhoeven, Lauren Clair

Infini (Shane Abbess, 2015) Daniel MacPherson, Grace Huang, Luke Hemsworth; scifi

Infinite Man, The (Hugh Sullivan, 2014) Josh McConville, Hannah Marshall, Alex Dimitriades; comedy

Inherit the Stars (Robert Marchand, 1992)

Initiation (Michael Pearce, 1987) aka Zoomstone, prod. Jane Ballantyne, wr. Jim Barton, dp Geoff Simpson; 92 min.; Bruno Lawrence, Rodney Harvey, Anna-Maria Winchester, Barry Smith, Miranda Otto; youngster arrives from USA, mother just dead, comes to Oz to find his father (Lawrence) working for gangsters

Inn of the Damned (Terry Bourke, 1975) prod. Terry Bourke, Rod Hay for Terryrod Productions, wr. Terry Bourke, dp Brian Probyn; Dame Judith Anderson, Tony Bonner, Alex Cord, Michael Craig, Joseph Furst, Reg Gorman, Lionel Long, John Meillon, John Morris, Robert Quilter, Phillip Avalon; Sydney, colour, 35 mm, 118 min.; horror; see Michael Helms, Cinema Papers, 129, January 1999: 27; Pike & Cooper 1998: 446

Inner Demon (Ursula Dabrowsky, 2015) wr. Ursula Dabrowsky, prod. Sue Brown, dp Nima Nabili Rad; Kerry Anne Reid, Andreas Sobik, Sarah Jeavons; horror

Inner Sanctuary, The (Chris Clarke, 1996)

Innocence (Paul Cox, 2000) wr. Paul Cox; Charles Tingwell, Julia Blake, Terry Norris, Robert Menzies, Marita Dusseldorp, Chris Hayward; screened Toronto 2000

Innocent Killer (Jon-Claire Lee, 2017) wr. Jon-Claire Lee, prod. Jon-Claire Lee, Asif Khan, dp Dion Wilton; Asif Khan

Innocent Prey (Colin Eggleston, 1983) prod. Colin Eggleston, dp Vincent Monton; PJ Soles, Kit Taylor, Grigor Taylor, Martin Balsam; thriller

Insatiable Moon, The (Rosemary Riddell, 2010) drama; NZ

Inside Looking Out (Paul Cox, 1977) aka Two in the Family; prod. Bernard Eddy, Illumination Films, wr. Paul Cox, Susan Holly Jones, dp Paul Cox, design Alan Srubenrauch, composer Norman Kaye, ed. Paul Cox; Juliet Bacskai, Briony Behets, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Norman Kaye, Elke Neidhardt; Sydney, colour, 35 mm, 88 min.; emotional study of disintegrating marriage, set over the course of a weekend

Inside Story, The (Rob Sutherland, 2003) supernatural thriller; withdrawn from AFI competition 2002; premiere at the TriBeCa Festival, New York, May 2003; winner of the Australian Writers Guild Award 2001

Interview, The (Craig Monahan, 1998) wr. Gordon Davie, Craig Monahan, dp Simon Duggan; Hugo Weaving, Tony Martin, Aaron Jeffrey, Paul Sonkkila; 100 min.

Into the Straight (T. O. McCreadie, 1949) 82 min.; Charles Tingwell, Muriel Steinbeck; horse-trainer drama

Intruder, The (Richard Wolstencroft, 1994) aka Deliver Us from Evil; wr. Frank Howson, prod. Frank Howson, Boulevard Films; Tottie Goldsmith, Lachy Hulme, Paul Moder; horror, thriller; 85 min.

Intruders, The (Lee Robinson, 1969) aka Skippy and the Intruders; spinoff from Skippy

Irreversible (Ann Turner, 2006) Sam Neill, Susan Sarandon

Iris (Tony Isaac, 1984) aka Out of Time; telemovie; drama; Helen Morse, Philip Holder, John Bach; NZ; biopic of author Robin Hyde (irl Iris Wilkinson)

Irishman, The (Donald Crombie, 1978) prod. Anthony Buckley for Forest Home Films, wr. Donald Crombie from the novel by Elizabeth O'Conner, dp Peter James, music Charles Marawood, design Graham Walker, ed. Tim Wellburn; Simon Burke, Michael Craig, Vincent Ball, Tony Barry, Bryan Brown, Lou Brown, Gerard Kennedy, Robyn Nevin; drama of 1920s Qld, filmed Charters Towers; Gevacolor, 35mm, 110 min.

Iron Sky (Timo Vuorensola, 2012) Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby, Götz Otto, Udo Kier; action; released 10 May 2012

Irrefutable Truth About Demons, The (Glenn Standring, 2000) fantasy horror thriller; NZ

Irresistible (Ann Turner, 2006) wr. Ann Turner, prod. Tatiana Kennedy, David Parker; Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill, Emily Blunt; woman becomes convinced her husband is being pursued by one of his office colleagues

Is There Anybody There? (Peter Maxwell, 1975) telemovie; wr. Bruce A. Wishart; Wendy Hughes, Charles Tingwell, Patrick Ward; crime

Is This the Real World? (Martin McKenna, 2015) wr. Martin McKenna; Sean Keenan, Charlotte Best, Susie Porter, Julia Blake, Jack Finsterer, Greg Stone, Peter Hardy; coming of age

Isabelle Eberhardt (Ian Pringle, 1992) Mathilda May, Tcheky Karyo, Peter O'Toole, Richard Moir, Arthur Dignam

Island (Paul Cox, 1989) Irene Papas, Eva Sitta

Isle Of Intrigue (A. R. Harwood, 1931) Dorothy Stanward, James Alexander, Helene Best, Darcy Kelway; pearling schooners of a trading firm are being robbed by a mysterious pirate; opened 26 September 1931; 50 min. (?)

It Is Never Too Late (W. J. Lincoln, 1911) prod. J. & N. Tait, wr. W. J. Lincoln from the novel by Charles Reade, It Is Never Too Late To Mend (1856), dp Orrie Perry; Stanley Walpole

It Isn't Done (Ken G. Hall, 1937) prod. Ken G. Hall, Cinesound Productions, wr. Frank Harvey, Carl Dudley, story by Cecil Callaway, dp George Heath, sound Clive Cross; Cecil Callaway, Shirley Ann Richards, John Longden, Frank Harvey; comedy about social class; 90 min.

It Takes All Kinds (Eddie Davis, 1969) Goldsworthy Productions (Reg Goldsworthy, with Commonwealth United Corporation, US); Robert Lansing, Vera Miles, Barry Sullivan; B movie crime genre quickie shot in Melbourne; budget $300k; 98 min.

I've Come About The Suicide (Sophia Turkiewicz, 1987)

Ivor Paints (Arthur Cantrill & Corinne Cantrill, 1995) experimental

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