Inclusive lists of Australasian feature films

My intention is to list every feature film made (or intended to be made) in Australasia with name of director/s and release date. Note that I am not able to ensure that every film listed here was actually completed or released.
A list by date is also provided.
Many telemovies are included, but not shorts nor docos.
New Zealand films include 'NZ'. There are also separate lists for NZ films by title and by date.

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Films W

Wadjemup: Black Prison White Playground (Glen Stasiuk, 2014) prod. Glen Stasiuk, Black Russian Productions, Kulbardi Productions, wr. Glen Stasiuk, Jeff Asselin, dp Antony Webb, sound Leo Murray, music Andy Hill, Greg Hitchcock; Curtis Taylor, Phil Cox, James Hagan; 58 min.

Wagon and the Star, The (J.J.W. Pollard, 1936) aka The Waggon and the Star, wr. J.J.W. Pollard, dp Lee Hill, sound Jack Welsh; John Peake, Faye Hinchey, William Buchanan; NZ

Waimate Conspiracy, The (Stefen Harris, 2006) drama; NZ

Waiting (Jackie McKimmie, 1991) Noni Hazlehurst (AFI Best Actress), Deborra-Lee Furness, Frank Whitten, Helen Jones, Denis Moore, Fiona Press, Ray Barrett

Waiting at the Royal (Glenda Hambly, 2000) Catherine McClements, Noni Hazlehurst, Josephine Byrnes, Jo Kennedy, Glynis Angel, Ramon Tikaram

Waiting City, The (Claire McCarthy, 2009) Radha Mitchell, Joel Edgerton; couple adopt a child in India

Waiting Place, The (Cristobal Araus Lobos, 2001) thriller drama; NZ

Wake in Fright (Ted Kotcheff, 1971) aka Outback (US); wr. Evan Jones, novel Kenneth Cook, dp Brian West, ed. Anthony Buckley; Gary Bond (John Grant), Donald Pleasence (Doc Tydon), Chips Rafferty (Jock Crawford), Sylvia Kay, Jack Thompson, John Meillon, Peter Whittle, Al Thomas, John Armstrong, Slim de Grey, Maggie Dence, Norman Erskine, Buster Fiddess, Tex Foote, Owen Moase, John Dalleen, Colin Hughes, Mark Jackson, Nancy Knudsen, Dawn Lake, Harry Lawrence, Robert McDarra, Carlo Manchini, Liam Reynolds; suspenser; last film of Chips Rafferty and Buster Fiddess; Kotcheff went on to direct the first Rambo film First Blood; filmed Broken Hill

Walk into Paradise (Lee Robinson & Giorgio Pagliero, 1956) aka Walk into Hell; produced by Southern Films International (Lee Robinson & Chips Rafferty); Chips Rafferty, Françoise Christophe, Reg Lye; filmed in both French and English in PNG; action adventure, exploring for oil in PNG; 93 min.

Walk The Talk (Shirley Barrett, 2000) wr. Shirley Barrett; comedy; Nicki Bennett, Salvatore Coco, Sacha Horler; Nicki Bennett, a real-life singer, plays a singer who is managed by Salvatore Coco's character; Shirley Barrett's second feature started filming in Queensland on 1 November 1999; the story is based on events surrounding Gold Coast model Fairlie Arrow

Walkabout (Nicholas Roeg, 1971) prod. Si Litvinoff, Max L. Raab & Si Litvinoff Films, wr. Edward Bond, novel James Vance Marshall, dp Nicolas Roeg, music John Barry, design Terry Gough, ed. Anthony Gibbs, Alan Patillo; Jenny Agutter (Girl), Lucien John [Roeg] (Brother), David Gulpilil (Aboriginal boy), John Meillon, Noelene Brown, Peter Carver, Barry Donnelly; influential UK production about two white Australian children stranded in desert and helped to safety by young Aborigine, played by David Gulpilil; 100 min.

Walking on Water (Tony Ayres, 2002) wr. Roger Monk, prod. Liz Watts, Robert Humphries, cinematographer; Vince Colosimo, Maria Theodorakis, Nathaniel Dean, Judy Farr, Nicholas Bishop, David Bonney, Daniel Roberts, Anna Lise Phillips; Gavin dies of AIDS and his friends and family have to cope with the manner of his death; premiered Adelaide Film Festival 2002; Roger Monk won Best Original Screenplay AFI Awards 7 November 2002; Maria Theodorakis won Best Actress in a Leading Role AFI Awards 7 November 2002; Reva Childs won Best Editing AFI Awards 7 November 2002; 90 min.

Waltz through the Hills, A (Frank Arnold, 1988) wr. John Goldsmith, novel Gerry Glaskin, prod. Paul D. Barron, Roz Berrystone; Andre Jansen, Ernie Dingo, Tina Kemp, Dan O'Herlihy, Geoffrey Atkins, Maggie Wilde West, Margaret Ford, Geoffrey Gibbs, Robert Faggetter, Pippa Williamson (farmer's wife); AFI Best Actor Ernie Dingo, 1988; Pater Award Best Children's Drama, 1988; made in WA; 100 min.

Waltzing Matilda (Pat Hanna, 1933) Pat Hanna Productions, wr. Pat Hanna, assoc.dir. Raymond Longford, dp Arthur Higgins; comedy with the boys from the Diggers films; Hanna's last film, Coral Browne's first and only Australian film

Wanderer, The (Scott Hicks, 1974) wr. Kim McKenzie; Ross Thompson, Penne Hackforth-Jones

Wannabes, The (Nick Giannopoulos, 2003) wr. Chris Anastassiades, Ray Boseley, Nick Giannopoulos, prod. Tom Burstall, Nick Giannopoulos, dp Dan Burstall; Nick Giannopoulos, Russell Dykstra, Isla Fisher; comedy; premiere at the TriBeCa Festival, New York, May 2003

War Stories (Gaylene Preston, 1995) NZ

Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train (Bob Ellis, 1988) wr. Bob Ellis, Denny Lawrence, dp Yuri Sokol, prod. Ross Dimsey, Western Pacific Films; Wendy Hughes, Colin Friels, Norman Kaye, John Clayton, Rod Zuanic, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Steve J. Spears; 91 min.

Warming Up (Bruce Best, 1985) Queenie Ashton, Adam Fernance, Kim Grogan, Lloyd Morris, Barbara Stephens, Henri Szeps; comedy: country football team learns ballet

Warriors of Virtue: The Return to Tao (Michael Vickerman, 2005) sequel to children's adventure; shot in Beijing

Warrior's Way, The (Sngmoo Lee, 2010) Dong-gun Jang, Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush; martial arts western; NZ

Waste (Tony de Pasquale, 1998) Jon Halpin, Paul Denny, Caroline Dunphy; comedy; made in Brisbane

Wasted on the Young (Ben C. Lucas, 2010) wr. Ben C. Lucas; Oliver Ackland, Adelaide Clemens, Alex Russell; general Australian release 3 March 2011; made in WA

Watch Me (Melanie Ansley, 2006) horror

Watch the Shadows Dance (Mark Joffe, 1987) aka Nightmaster (video); wr. Michael McGennan, dp Martin McGrath; Tom Jennings, Nicole Kidman, Vince Martin; martial arts

Watch the Sunset (Tristan Barr, Michael Gosden, 2017) wr. Tristan Barr, Michael Gosden; Tristan Barr, Mitchell Booth, Catherine Dawson; Michael Gosden; bikie

Water Diviner, The (Russell Crowe, 2014) wr. Andrew Anastasios, Andrew Knight, prod. Andrew Mason, Troy Lum, Keith Rodger, Hopscotch Features, dp Andrew Lesnie, design Chris Kennedy, casting Nikki Barrett, costume Tess Schofield; Olga Kurylenko, Russell Crowe, Jai Courtney, Isabel Lucas, Damon Herriman, Jacqueline McKenzie, Ryan Corr, Dan Wyllie, Robert Mammone, Michael Dorman, Steve Bastoni; man travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons; Aust general release Boxing Day

Waterfall (Arthur Cantrill & Corinne Cantrill, 1984)

Watermark (Georgina Willis & Kerry Rock, 2003) traces the unravelling of a middle-aged man's relationships with two women and is inspired by the theme of fate in Greek tragedy; invited to screen in the Director's Fortnight at Cannes 2003

Wayleggo (Robert Kingsbury, 1965)

Way Outback (Alfred Rolfe, 1911) Australian Photo-Play Company

Waybacks, The (Arthur W. Sterry, 1918) Koala Films, prod. Humbert Pugliese, from play by Phillip Lytton based on novels by Henry Fletcher, dp Ernest Higgins, 7000 ft; Vincent White, Gladys Leigh, Lucy Adair; also marketed later as The Waybacks of 1925

Waybacks of 1925, The (Arthur W. Sterry, 1925) this is identical to the 1918 film

We Have Decided Not to Die (2004) Sydney Film Festival 2004

We of the Never Never (Igor Auzins, 1982) exec. prod. Phillip Adams, prod. Greg Tepper for Adams Packer Productions, Film Corporation of Western Australia, wr. Peter Schreck from novel by (Jeannie) Mrs Aeneas Gunn, dp Gary Hansen (AFI), design Josephine Ford, ed. Cliff Hayes; Angela Punch McGregor, Arthur Dignam, Martin Vaughan, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, John Jarratt, Tony Barry, Tommy Lewis; Eastman colour, 35mm, 134 min.

We Were Tomorrow (Darwin Brooks, 2017) wr. Madeleine Kennedy; Nikolai Nikolaeff, Alicia Banit, Chai Romruen, Maya Stange; scifi

Wedding Officer, The (Jocelyn Moorhouse, tba) wr. Anthony Capella (novel), Andrew Knight, prod. Martha Coleman; pre-production April 2017

Wedding Party, The (Amanda Jane, 2010) oncer; aka Kin; Josh Lawson, Isabel Lucas, Steve Bisley, Rhonda Burchmore, Adam Zwar, Nadine Garner, Essie Davis, Geoff Paine, Kestie Morassi, Heather Mitchell; Bill Hunter's last onscreen appearance as the priest at the wedding; comedy drama; premiere MIFF, general Australian release 16 August 2012

Weekend of Shadows (Tom Jeffrey, 1978) John Waters, Melissa Jaffer; drama, thriller; posse chasing a murder suspect led by anxious police sergeant Caxton (Wyn Roberts) includes Rabbit (John Waters) who is pressured to join by his wife Vi (Melissa Jaffer) in order for them to be seen to conform, as they are socially isolated; when the drunken disorganised group catches up with the Pole (Michael Gawenda), Rabbit kills him to save him from their tormenting him; story is a study of the morality of all involved

Weekend Warriors (Antony Szeto, tba) wr. prod. Trevor Howis; 'young Army reserve officer who tries to save his men and his brother from his psychopathic former mentor who is hell bent on revenge'; seems not to have got up

Weekend with Kate (Arch Nicholson, 1991) aka Depth of Feeling; wr. Henry Tefay, Kee Young; dp Dan Burstall; Colin Friels, Catherine McClements; romcom

Weird Ones (John Meagher, 1998) aka I Am Green; wr. Des Waterman; Sam Toomey, Katina Cremona, Ariane DeGeus, John Howitt; comedy; 92 min.; eccentrics visited by alien

Welcome to Woop Woop (Stephan Elliott, 1997) aka The Big Red; wr. Douglas Kennedy (novel) & Michael Thomas; Rod Taylor, Johnathon Schaech, Susie Porter, Dee Smart, Richard Moir, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Barry Humphries, Mark Wilson, Paul Mercurio

Well, The (Samantha Lang, 1997) wr. Elizabeth Jolley (novel), Laura Jones; Pamela Rabe (Hester Harper), Miranda Otto (Katherine), Paul Chubb (Harry Bird), Frank Wilson (II) (Francis Harper), Steve Jacobs (Rod Borden), Genevieve Lemon (Jen Borden), Simon Lyndon (Jock); drama, thriller; Hester is obsessed with Katherine

Wendy Cracked a Walnut (Michael Pattinson, 1990) aka ... Almost; Rosanna Arquette, Bruce Spence, Hugo Weaving, Kerry Walker; comedy fantasy

We're Here to Help (Jonothan Cullinane, 2007) drama; NZ

West (Daniel Krige, 2007) wr. Daniel Krige, prod. Anne Robinson, Matthew Reeder; Nathan Phillips, Michael Dorman, Khan Crittenden, Gillian Alexy, David Field, Tim McCunn, Anthony Hayes

West of Sunshine (Jason Raftopoulos, 2017) wr. Jason Raftopoulos; Damian Hill, Ty Perham, Arthur Angel, Kat Stewart, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Kaarin Fairfax, Faye Smythe; drama

Whale Rider (Niki Caro, 2003) NZ

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (Ian Mune, 1999) Temuera Morrison (Jake the Muss), Rena Owen; NZ

What Happened To Jean? (Herbert Walsh, 1918)

What I Have Written (John Hughes, 1996) wr. John A. Scott, dp Dion Beebe; Martin Jacobs, Gillian Jones, Jacek Koman, Angie Milliken

What the Moon Saw (Pino Amenta, 1990) prod. Frank Howson, Boulevard Films; Andrew Shephard, Pat Evison, Kym Gyngell, Danielle Spencer; children's film

What Time Is My Heart? (Romi Trower, 2016) Brooke Satchwell, Luke Ford, Wade Briggs; romance

What We Do in the Shadows (Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi, 2014) wr. Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi; Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, Jonathan Brugh; NZ vampire mockumentary

What Women Suffer (Alfred Rolfe, 1911) Australian Photo-Play Company

What's the Difference (Alan Madden, 1986)

When Love Comes (Garth Maxwell, 1998) NZ

When Night Falls (Alex Galvin, 2007) thriller; NZ

When Strangers Appear (Scott Reynolds, 2001) aka Highway Psychos, The Shearer's Breakfast (working title); action drama; Radha Mitchell, Josh Lucas, Barry Watson; mystery thriller; filmed in NZ

When the Kellys Rode (Harry Southwell, 1934)

When The Kellys Were Out (Harry Southwell, 1923) aka True Story of the Kelly Gang, wr. Harry Southwell, dp Tasman Higgins

Where the Green Ants Dream (Werner Herzog, 1984) prod. Lucki Stipetic, wr. Bob Ellis, Werner Herzog; Bruce Spence, Ray Barrett, Wandjuk Marika, Ralph Cotterill, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Norman Kaye; uranium mining company begins testing, locals occupy sacred site

Wherever She Goes (Michael S. Gordon, 1951) dp George Heath, music Clive Douglas; Eileen Joyce, Suzanne Parrett, Muriel Steinbeck, Nigel Lovell, John Wiltshire, George Wallace, Tim Drysdale, Syd Chambers, Rex Dawe, Sefton Daly, Jacqueline Cat; biopic of Eileen Joyce; 81 min.

While The Billy Boils (Beaumont Smith, 1921) wr. Beaumont Smith from stories by Henry Lawson; Tal Ordell, John Cosgrove, Robert MacKinnon

Whipping Boy (Di Drew, 1996) novel Gabrielle Lord; Sigrid Thornton, Temuera Morrison, Tammy McIntosh; state inquiry into a pedophile/pornography racket

White Death (Edwin G. Bowen, 1936) wr. Frank Harvey, dp Arthur Higgins; Zane Grey financed and starred; adventure about great white shark

White Rabbit (Rowan Woods, tba) wr. Sarah Walker, prod. Martha Coleman; family melodrama; Screen Australian story development funding

White Fellas Dreaming (Dr George Miller, 1996)

White Force (Eddie Romero, 1987) aka Whiteforce; Aust/Philippines copro; Sam J. Jones (who played Flash Gordon); shot in the Philippines

White Lies (Dana Rotberg, 2013) wr. Dana Rotberg from novel Medicine Woman by Witi Ihimaera; Whirimako Black, Rachel House, Antonia Prebble, Nancy Brunning, Te Waimarie Kessell; drama; NZ; NZ submission in the best foreign language film category, Oscars 2014; shot Auckland

Whitsunday Ash (Colin Eggleston, 1990) dp Garry Wapshott; Peter Adams, Will Upjohn, Rebecca Rigg; Sydney; mystery

Who Killed Jenny Langby? (Donald Crombie, 1974) telemovie; wr. Greg Barker, Donald Crombie, dp Peter James; SAFC; Tony Allison, Peter Cummins, Julie Dawson; drama; 55 min.

Whole of the Moon, The (Ian Mune, 1996) NZ

Who Killed Baby Azaria (Michael Thornhill, 1983) aka The Dingo Baby Case, prod. Michael Thornhill

Whose Was The Hand (Alfred Rolfe, 1912) Australian Photo-Play Company

Wicked Love (Ian Watson, 2010) TV; Vince Colosimo, Rebecca Gibney, Maya Elliott [Maya Stange]; crime

Wicked, Wicked Ladies in the Haunted House, The (Unjoo Moon, in production) LA-based Australian director and her husband DOP Dion Beebe ACS are developing a project based on Mary Chase's children's book about a nine-year old girl's experiences inside a crumbling mansion in her local neighbourhood; Marian MacGowan, who is attached as producer, told Encore a script is in the development stage and that the project would be a co-production with either the UK or Canada

Wide Sargasso Sea, The (John Duigan, 1993) novel Jean Rhys; Karina Lombard, Nathaniel Parker, Naomi Watts; prequel to Jane Eyre; shot in Jamaica

Widower, The (Kevin Lucas, 2004) prod. Aanya Whitehead, wr. Lyndon Terracini, based on poems by Les Murray; poems spoken/sung Lyndon Terracini, music Elena Kats-Chernin; Chris Haywood, Frances Rings, Matt Dyall, Ban Harkin, Tony Barry, Blake Pittman; premiere Melbourne Film Festival June 2004; general release July 2005; 60 min.

Wiggles Movie, The (Dean Covell, 1997)

Wild Blue (Dale G. Bradley, 2000) family melodrama; NZ

Wild Duck, The (Henri Safran, 1984) film of the play by Ibsen, dp Peter James; Liv Ullman, Jeremy Irons, Ray Barrett, John Meillon, Lucinda Jones, Arthur Dignam, Michael Pate, Rhys McConnochie, Colin Croft, Marion Edward

Wild Horses (Derek Morton, 1984) Endeavour Productions/NZ Film Commission, prod. John Barnett, wr. Kevin O'Sullivan, dp Doug Milsome; Keith Aberdein, John Bach, Kevin J. Wilson, Sara, Tom Poata, Bruno Lawrence, Marshall Napier, Martyn Sanderson; 90 min.

Wild Man (Geoff Murphy, 1977) wr. Bruno Lawrence, Geoff Murphy, Martyn Sanderson, Ian Watkin, prod. Bruno Lawrence, Ray Murphy, dp Alun Bollinger; Bruno Lawrence, Ian Watkin, Tony Barry, Martyn Sanderson; NZ

Wild Justice (Julian Cheah, 2014) wr. Terry Watkins, Calvin Wong, dp Julian Cheah; Rod Manikam, Simon Arblaster, Maggie Meyer; action; apparently released Aust 27 June

Wet and Wild Summer! (Maurice Murphy, 1992) "breasty romp"

Will They Never Come? (Alfred Rolfe, 1915) Australasian Films, propaganda film which was the basis for The Hero Of The Dardanelles, 2000 ft

William Kelly's War (Geoff Davis, 2014) aka The Stolen, wr. Geoff Davis, prod. Phillip Avalon, dp Damien Beebe; Maureen Alford, Peter Berzanskis, Tony Bonner; WW1 war; Australian release 30 Oct

Wills and Burke: The Untold Story (Bob Weis, 1985) Garry McDonald, Kim Gyngell; spoof of the Burke and Wills story, q.v.

Willfull (Rebel Penfold-Russell, 2002) wr. Harry Cripps, dp Steve Arnold, Anna Lise Phillips; Charles Tingwell, Anne Looby, Ellesha Dobbs; national release 29 August 2002; 94 min.

Winchester (Michael & Peter Spierig, 2018) Helen Mirren, Sarah Snook, Jason Clarke, Angus Sampson; thriller; released 22Feb18

Wind (Carroll Ballard, 1993) Matthew Modine, Jennifer Grey, Cliff Robertson, Jack Thompson ... James Hagan

Windrider (Vincent Monton, 1986) aka Making Waves; prod. Paul D. Barron, Barron Films, Bush Christmas Productions, wr. Everett De Roche; Simon Chilvers, Tom Burlinson, Nicole Kidman, Jill Perryman, Charles Tingwell; Perth, WA; budget $2.5mill; dist. Hoyts; 25 December 1986; 35mm.; 92 min.

Winds of Jarrah, The (Mark Egerton, 1985) prod. Mark Egerton and Marj Pearson for Film Corporation of Western Australia, WA, wr. Mark Egerton, based on a storyline, characters and screenplay by Anne Brooksbank and Bob Ellis, based on the novel The House in the Timberwoods by Joyce Dingwell, 1959, dp Geoff Burton; location: Dorrigo, NSW; first film adapted from a Mills & Boon novel; set in 1946; originally to be shot in Pemberton; Isabelle Anderson, Steve Bisley, Terence Donovan, Harold Hopkins, Susan Lyons, Emil Minty, Martin Vaughan, Dorothy Alison, Nikki Gemmell, Steven Grives, Mark Kounnas, Bill McCluskey; Eastman colour, 35 mm, wide screen, 94 min.

Wings Of Destiny (Rupert Kathner, 1940) dp Arthur Higgins; espionage thriller

Winter of our Dreams (John Duigan, 1981) prod. Richard Mason for Vega Film Productions, wr. John Duigan, dp Tom Cowan, design Lee Whitmore, ed. Henry Dangar; Judy Davis, Bryan Brown, Baz Luhrmann, Cathy Downes, Mervyn Drake, Zoe Lake, Mark Luhrman, Peter Mochrie; prostitute Davis falls for bookseller Brown; Eastman colour, 35mm, 90 min.

Wish (Adam Lynton, 1997)

Wish You Were Here (Kieran Darcy-Smith, 2012) prod. Angie Fielder, Aquarius Films, wr. Kieran Darcy-Smith, Felicity Price; Joel Edgerton, Felicity Price, Teresa Palmer, Antony Starr; released 26 April 2012; drama, mystery; Joel Edgerton, Felicity Price; nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Lead Actor and Actress, Cinematography, Editing, AACTAs 2013; won Best Supporting Actor (Starr) and Screenplay; 89 min.

With Love to the Person Next to Me (Brian McKenzie, 1987) dp Ray Argall; Kim Gyngell, Paul Chubb, Barry Dickins, Beverley Gardiner, Phil Motherwell, Sally McKenzie; taxi driver records conversations

With Prejudice (Esben Storm, 1982) Ananda Marga trial

With Time To Kill (James Clayden, 1987) aka Man Who Lost His Head, The? dp Laurie McInnes; wr. James Clayden; Phil Motherwell, Marie Hoy, Peter Green, Jan Friedl; vigilantes; 71 min.

Within Our Gates (Frank Harvey, 1915) aka Deeds That Won Gallipoli J. C. Williamson, wr. W. J. Lincoln, dp Monte Luke; Cyril Mackay, Leslie Victor, Frank Harvey; 6 (?) reels

Within The Law (Monte Luke, 1916) J. C. Williamson, wr. W. J. Lincoln from the play by Bayard Veiller, dp Maurice Bertel; Muriel Starr; 4 reels

Without Warning (Catherine Millar, 1999) TV, wr. Peter Yeldham; Arkie Whiteley; 'What do you do if you're being stalked ... by a cop?'

Witness (Peter Weir, 1985) NOT Australian

Wog Boy, The (Aleksi Vellis, 2000) Nick Giannopoulos, Vince Colosimo; released 24 February; (related to TV show Wogs Out of Work); 88 min.

Wolf Creek (Greg McLean, 2005) prod. David Lightfoot, wr. Greg McLean, dp Will Gibson; horror, loosely based on Ivan Milat and Peter Falconio stories; John Jarratt, Cassandra Magrath, Nathan Phillips, Kestie Morassi, Andy McPhee; a group of backpackers unwisely accept help from a seemingly friendly local in the Australian outback; John Jarratt is a seemingly harmless man who meets three backpackers in remote Western Australia; shot in Adelaide and Flinders Ranges; world premiere Sundance Jan 2005; Cannes 2005; 98 min.

Wolf Creek 2 (Greg McLean, 2013) wr. Greg McLean, Aaron Sterns, prod. Helen Leake, Steve Topic; John Jarratt, Ryan Corr, Shannon Ashlyn, Philippe Klaus, Gerard Kennedy, Annie Byron; another three backpackers becomes prey for crazed, serial-killing pig-shooter, Mick Taylor; Australian release 20 February 2014; horror

Wolf Creek 3 (Greg McLean, 2016) wr. Greg McLean; John Jarratt, Maya Stange; horror

Woman In The Case, The (George Willoughby, 1916)

Woman Suffers, The (Raymond Longford, 1918) ... While the Man Goes Free; Southern Cross Feature Film Company, wr. Raymond Longford, dp Arthur Higgins; Lottie Lyell, Boyd Irwin, Roland Conway, Connie Martyn

Woman's Tale, A (Paul Cox, 1991) Sheila Florance (AFI Best Actress), Gosia Dobrowolska, Norman Kaye, Chris Haywood

Women in Black (Bruce Beresford, tba) wr. Madeleine St John novel, prod. Allanah Zitserman, Sue Milliken; set in 1959, the coming-of-age story of a suburban schoolgirl, who, while waiting for her final high school exam results, takes a summer job at a department store where a group of saleswomen open her eyes to a world beyond her sheltered existence; Sydney

Won On The Post (Alfred Rolfe, 1912) Australian Photo-Play Company

Woodenhead (Florian Habicht, 2003) fantasy; NZ

Woody Island (Brendan Ritchie, 2010) wr. Brendan Ritchie; Keagan Kang, Kate McGinniskin, Jesse Phillips, Igor Sas, Penelope Shipley

Wound (David Blyth, 2010) Kate O'Rourke, Te Kaea Beri, Campbell Cooley; supernatural horror; NZ

World's Fastest Indian, The (Roger Donaldson, 2006) Invercargill, NZ; Anthony Hopkins; life of Burt Munro who set land speed records on his Indian Scout motorcycle

Wreck, A Tangle, A (John O'Brien, 2000) Rebecca Frith, Anna Lise Phillips, Damian Walshe-Howling, Kate Beahan, Peter Carroll; psycho drama

Wreck, The (W. J. Lincoln, 1913) from the poem 'From the Wreck' by Adam Lindsay Gordon

Wreck Of The Dunbar, The (Gaston Mervale, 1912) aka The Yeoman's Wedding

Wrong Side of the Road (Ned Lander, 1981) prod. Ned Lander for Inma Productions, wr. Graeme Isaac, Ned Lander, dp Louis Irving, music No Fixed Address, Us Mob, design Jan Mackay, ed. John Scott; Veronica Brodie, Donna Drover, Chris Haywood, Gayle Rankine, Leila Rankine; two bands: Us Mob and No Fixed Address are the 'stars' of the docu-drama; Eastman colour, 35mm, 80 min.

Wrong World (Ian Pringle, 1986) Richard Moir, Jo Kennedy; Victoria; disturbing road movie

Wronsky (Ian Pringle, 1980) wr. Ian Pringle, Doug Ling, prod. Ian Pringle for Seon Film Productions, dp Ray Argall, ed. Tony Paterson; Miranda Brown, Phil Dagg, John Flaus, Rob Jordan, Doug Ling, Lisa Parish, Ross Thompson, Frank Walsh; drama; Eastman colour, 16 mm, 70 min.

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (Kiah Roache-Turner, 2014) wr. Kiah Roache-Turner, Tristan Roache-Turner; Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill; zombie apocalypse horror; Australian release 13 Feb 2015

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